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Sly Electronics
Sly Electronics - Wireless Earphone & Transmitter

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I would like to buy this product again nd again


Awesome product fast connection



Fantastic headphone


Best headphone for listening music

Kabra Muzaffarpur Bihar


Very cheep and Good Wireless Headphones


I use this product it's very good For their price



The best and most comfortable headphone we have found


Sooo comfortable because the ear pieces are padded in a new way. My husband and I just got this and went back to buy another. Sound Quality my husband is very picky and listens to a lot of music on this. Sound quality beat our old headphones. It also blocks outside noises and I can't hear what he is listening to. Reception from any audio and visual equipment with an audio out socket. Ease of Use Came with instructions. Works on batteries and the tower also. The radio part was a surprise. Works with our new MP3 player . You can use this with your computer and more able to move about to the printer and other equipment. The Tower works great. Durability Seems to be built well. We have only had them for a couple of weeks. No children. We do not throw them around. The headphone part seems to be built really well. That's why we bought a 2nd one. Lots of padding. Design The headphones are sooo comfortable. Surpasses anything we have on had. Looks great and expensive.

Minneapolis, MN


Made In China - Problems inherent with design


Package Contents:  wireless FM receiver headphones, base station that transmits at a FM frequency X that has RCA L/R connections, cable:  audio-audio for wired earphone capability, cable:  USB to 5V (no power transformer), and cable:  RCA L/R female to audio. Where to begin.  headphones has rolling on/off volume control, a scan button, and a reset button.  The scan button will scan up the FM spectrum until the end; you need to press reset to start again at the bottom. Problems inherent with design:  (1) static when walking around, (2) must reset at the end of FM spectrum, (3) skips channels (same location found 18 FM channels of 34 in Las Vegas), (4) scan found 4 silent channels [stops scanning improperly], (5) 3 of the 18 channels found had more noise than another radio (used a control case radio), and (6) base station idea of transmitting at frequency X is flawed because NPR News shares the same frequency and contends with the receiver [must be 1 foot away from transmitter for it to overcome the conflict in the air].

Las Vegas, NV


Sly Electronics - Wireless Earphone & Transmitter

4.0 5