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Slinglings Baby Slings

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Great pouch, great company, best sizing options.


A pouch, or any one shouldered carrier, is never going to be my main baby carrier. I prefer two shouldered back carrier with a mei tai or wrap. However, every baby wearer I know can appreciate having a pouch around. I keep one in the diaper bag for hip carries in the store, when my child doesn't want to be in the buggy or using a buggy just isn't an option. Its much easier than just trying to hold a squirmy baby with one arm while you shop for things, sign your receipt, etc. I tried many pouches, and thought they all seemed about the same. I used a size 4 Hotslings when my son was a newborn for cradle carries, and I like it. Then, I lost some of the baby weight and it was too big. So, I bought a size 3 - it was too small! I asked around online, and ran upon Slinglings. Their sizing chart on their web site is very helpful, but I still had some questions, so I sent them an e-mail. I got a reply within the hour, answering every question I had and offering a phone number in case I needed to call with any more questions. I was sold then! What excellent customer service! So, I ordered two different pouches of the same size, in different fabrics. They were sized consistently - the hemp pouch fit the same way the sateen pouch did. They arrived very quickly ordering from Slinglings web site, and I was again impressed with the company and their service. I buy Slinglings gift certificates for all of my friends who are expecting new babies, because I know that when they are ready to purchase, someone will be there to help them get exactly what they need.

Riverside, AL


Best Pouch On the Market today!


For more information on baby carriers and how to wear them visit and because your baby is worth learning how to safely carry them :) As much as I loved my hotslings I love these pouches even more. These makers decided that people aren't just in 4 -5 different sizes.. so you quite literally get fitted for this fitted pouch which I needed because I was inbetween a hotslings size 3 and 4 so I Slinglings was the answer for my sizing issues. With my bigger baby it was hard for me to find a good fit and amazingly enough I got the right slingling on just from their website instructions and it fit perfectly. I wish I still had this wonderful carrier. They also have an adjustable line but as I said in the hotsling review if you go adjustable you might as well get a ringsling to get a superior fit and more carrying options. The fabrics are all really cute, feel nice, and it's just a breeze to clean. If you are looking for easy.. you found it!

Cullman, AL


stylish, comfortable, and compact


I was so excited when I found Slinglings Baby Slings. I love that I can order the size I need, and pick from so many different fabrics and patterns. Even my husband likes to carry baby in the sling. They are comfortable and easy to wear, baby loves to snuggle in it and can easily look out from whatever position I have her in. The best part is that since they lack all the buckles, loops, and velcro, they are easily folded and tucked into the diaper bag,. I always have my sling with me since I never know when I will want it, but it's always neatly tucked into the diaper bag, not taking up much room, and everyone is surprised when I pull the sling out, because they didn't think it would fit in my already stuffed diaper bag..

Honolulu, HI


Slinglings Baby Slings

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