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Sling Media
Sling Media Slingbox® M1


The Slingbox® M1 is your TV — anywhere. Watch and control your live and recorded movies, sports or TV shows anywhere, anytime with this WiFi-enabled box in up to Full HD. Slingbox gives you full access to your DVR to watch or set recordings, and lets you pause, rewind or fast-forward what you’re watching. Slingbox turns your tablet, phone or laptop into a TV even overseas with nothing but an Internet connection. No blocked shows or games on any device and no monthly fees. Never miss a final episode or live event. View them when you want, where you want with Slingbox.

  • Watch and control live TV on a tablet*, phone*, PC, or Mac
  • Play and schedule DVR recordings
  • WiFi connectivity and Ethernet port
  • Absolutely no monthly fees
  • Watch on a second TV anywhere via Apple TV® and Roku®
  • Component and composite in/out
  • Easy and quick set-up
*Requires Slingplayer app, available through Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Store

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Great streaming, but now has ads


I have used many variations of Slingbox and the M1 is even better than the previous models I owned. I mainly use the Slingbox in concert with my Ultrabook, Chromecast, and iPad Mini to stream programs from my Directv DVR. There is no stuttering, dropped frames, and or lost of audio when I'm watching television through the M1. I'm really impressed with the virtual remote, which allows me to fast forward, rewind, and pause shows instantly. There is also no lag time when changing channels and if my box powers down I can turn it back on with the virtual remote. Even though this device works perfectly the new software upgrade has a major downside. I was watching a show on my iPad when suddenly an advertisement banner appeared on the bottom portion of the screen. This has never happened with any of the previous Slingbox models so this was quite a shock. After a couple of seconds I was given the option to get rid of it, but ads are now constantly appearing several times during every program I watch. Despite this inconvenience I would still recommend the Slingbox M1 because it's the most reliable device available of its kind on the market.

Westchester, IL


Sling Media Slingbox® M1

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