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I hate to write a bad review but unfortunately this company has left us no other choice. We purchased a brand new king size mattress and box spring (Kathy Ireland Home--Therapedic International, Essential Architectural Twilight Skies Eurotop) from Cape Fear Bedding in Wilmington, NC and were told by the salesperson that this was a top of the line set which came with a 15 year warranty, at 100% coverage, not pro-rated. However after 1 year the mattress started to sag on both sides and create a mountain in the middle. Neither my husband nor I are large people so you can imagine our disappointment. The mattress and boxspring that we had for over 10+ years was only replaced because we moved into a larger home and needed an extra bed, so we were really excited about the upgrade. But I can tell you there is not a night that goes by I don't think about moving our old bed back to our room. After a couple of months we decided that we should contact the store we purchased it from and ask them what the problem could be and a possible solution. Of course because we never had any troubles with our previous set we weren't quite sure how to proceed. When we went to the store we were met by Jeff, the store owner, a very professional and courteous man that listened to everything we had to say. After hearing our story he explained the process, which was him coming out to inspect the mattress and boxspring, taking pictures, and submitting it to Sleepworthy. Over 4 months has passed only to be told by Jeff that Sleepworthy Bedding has denied our claim for replacement. How is this possible? We have sent pictures and followed the direction of the sales person which was make certain a mattress cover is placed on the bed upon delivery or else it would void the warranty. There is absolutely no reason what-so-ever that this company should not do the right thing and replace our mattress and boxspring. We spent an exuberant amount of money on a product that was guaranteed and they are not keeping their word on the quality or the warranty. I should also add, that we were told there are others experiencing the same problems with this particular set as well. There is absolutely nothing 'worthy' at all about this company. DO NOT purchase their products because you will be very disappointed.

Wilmington, NC


Great Mattress - Warranty process the same as other brands


I also purchased a Landon mattress made by Sleepworthy.  I was initially very satisfied, however began to experience similar indentations as the previous reviewer.  Frustrated, I contacted the factory, and the warranty procedure was explained thoroughly.  I received an additional copy of the warranty card to review, as I had lost mine.  Skeptical, I decided to compare their warranty and procedure with other national brands.  Much to my surprise, the Sleepworthy warranty and procedure are no different than any other manufacturer...especially the expensive national brands.  I worked with the store to have the mattress picked up, returned to the factory for repair, and brought back to my home.  Because the factory is small and local, the process only took a couple days...which would not have been the case with a large national brand.  Just a little patience, and now my mattress is better than the day I purchased it.  Thanks Sleepworthy, for standing behind your product, educating me on the process, and giving me a good night's sleep again. BTW...they seem to have updated their website...and it is very informative.  Company and product information looks great...www.sleepworthy.com.  You can even get a copy of the warranty card :-).

Winterville, NC


Sleepworthy Mattresses - All Types

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