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Sleeptronic  Pillow Top Mattress

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A pillowtop mattress that lasts about 1 year.


We purchased this mattress about 2 years ago and already it sags a lot. I have turned the mattress as suggested in the manual and still it sags. Unfortunately, because its a pillowtop, you cannot flip this mattress. We won't buy a pillowtop ever again. Because it sags so bad t has given me back problems and I find it very uncomfortable to sleep at night. I contacted the company because it's suppose to have a 10 year warranty. They sent me an email back asking more questions and I replied. I have answered but I haven't heard anything and it's been several months. Don't buy this mattress because it's poor quality and the customer service is bad.

Louisville, TN


Sleep tronics isn't worth the money


My old mattress was starting to sag and I was tired of waking up with a back ache, so off to the mattress store I went.  I looked at several brands before I chose the Sleep Tronics king size pillow top mattress.  I tried laying on it in the store and it felt great.  It's about a foot and a half thick and supposed to be flip free (you don't have to turn it periodically).  It was on back order so i had to wait almost a month for it to be delivered.  At first it was great, I slept like a baby, and didn't have a back ache when I woke up in the morning.  That quickly changed.  Within 6 months it started to sag and become uncomfortable.  Not to mention it's so heavy it takes at least three people to move it.  It came with what seemed like a good warranty at the time I bought it.  Well, I had decided to buy some red satin sheets for it.  The sheets had faded onto the mattress.  Because the mattress had a stain on it the warranty was voided.  So I guess the only way not to void the warranty is to leave the plastic on it.  (yeah, who can sleep hearing crinkling all night)

Abbeville, LA


Sleeptronic Pillow Top Mattress

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