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Sleep Revolution
Sleep Revolution Traditional Queen Size Steel Bed Frame


It's Easy and Affordable to Set Up a Comfy Bed

One of the most important parts of building a beautiful and comfortable bed is picking out a quality bed frame like this traditional steel bed frame, queen. A bed frame is the foundation of your bed and part of the reason you'll have a good night's sleep. You need one with good support and ventilation.

When you search for a quality steel bed frame, queen, you will see that this frame measures up. It has 1-1/4 inch wide steel side rails that help prevent your mattress from shifting position as you sit or sleep. It also has eight thick legs for extraordinary support, and this frame has recessed legs so you won't stub your toe or scrape your ankle as you make up your bed with fresh linens.

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Good product


This Sleep Revolution Traditional Queen Size Steel Bed Frame was purchased few months back and the frame is quite reasonably priced. The product got delivered within a week and I could set it up in few minutes. I placed a mattress above and then it was ready for use. The bed is placed in the corner of our hall where the guests can rest and even the kids come and play on the bed when they come back from school. The height of this bed is less but the frame is quite solid. It feels good while resting on this bed and reading books. The corners do not hurt as well but still I have covered the edges to protect the kids so that they do not get hurt while getting on and off the bed. \The product has 6 legs which support it firmly and the center bar holds the mattress comfortably. The weight of the bed is not much and I can easily shift it to fit in the corner. The product is priced reasonably and I plan to purchase another one soon for the bedroom as well.




Sleep Revolution Traditional Queen Size Steel Bed Frame

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