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Sleep Number
Sleep Number Bed Innovation Series i10 Mattress

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I 10 Sleep Number is Horrible


Worst bed for the money, service been here 6 times, replaces pieces and is still not right since we bought it in May 2015. Nightmare with pillows falling under the headboard, beds separating (3-5 inch gap). The service department is terrible and the last person here was the most honest telling us what we would need to order. We already had the new piece replaced once in less than 6 months. Their other beds did not compare so we were not looking to replace this with something less and the customer service department keeps trying but problems keep happening. The very worst purchase I have ever made.


Daytona Beach, FL


I love my Sleep Number Bed!


Recently my family and I experienced a small house fire. Nothing of our really damaged, but it did leave us to sleep in a hotel, away from my sleep number bed. I definitly miss it. It is the best investment I have made. I bought this bed before my husband and I got married and I haven't looked back. It has given me a better nights sleep. One of the really nice thing about it is I can adjust my number if I have to due to being pregnant. So when other pregnant ladies are saying they just can't get comfortable at the end of the pregnacy I can say the only reason I'm not getting sleep is because I have to go to the restroom! Other nice thing about this bed is I really don't feel my husband moving around as much as I would in a normal bed. The only con to me was the money you have to pay in the begining, but it is total worth every penny! Like I said before I have not looked back since the day I bought it!


Liberty, IL


Best night sleep


My husband and I were in our local mall one day and decided to stop by the store and check out the beds since we were shopping for one anyway. After getting over everyone being in "PJ's" we started looking around. The salesman was very helpful and knew a great bit about the beds. We checked out many of the matresses in the store and found our "numbers".  We both have bad backs, like many people, and I have had a back fusion so having a comfortable bed to sleep on is extremely important to us.  I can truly say that my bed is just about the only place I can be where I am as close to being pain free as possible.  I am so glad that we bought this bed.   I read some of the other reviews of this bed but haven't had any problems like they describe. I did have to get my pump replaced shortly after getting the bed but I have had no problems with it in the last 5 years. As far as the noise with the pump, yes it can be a litle loud, but only for a short time, enough to bring the bed up to or down to the number you select.  You would get the same noise from using any air matress pump. We liked the bed so much, we bought one for my son who loves it too. And we also bought one for my mother-in-law.  I will never go back to a regular matress again. Yes the matress can be a bit expensive, but any good matress is worth the cost. I know my comfort is worth the cost of this bed!


Littleton, CO


Select Comfort Bed - sleeping on air


Select Comfort Bed is a bed worth all your money. My husband and I have bad backs and this is the only bed that will ease the pain at night to allow us to sleep at night. It is an investment for you to purchase, one that you will not regret in purchasing. I highly recomend this bed for anyone's comfort.


Lewisville, TX


I would highly recommend this mattress.


My wife and I purchased this mattress and it was a good choice. You can adjust how firm or soft that you want your side. When we were looking for a new mattress we couldn't agree on firm , soft etc. Now we can adjust our own side to the firmness or softness that we want . My wife at first thought that she  wanted a firm mattress for her back . After sleeping on a high number for a few months , she changed her side to a softer setting and discovered that her back feels better on a softer setting. If we purchased a regulsr mattress --firm like she wanted- we would have been stuck with a firm mattress.


Wallingford, PA


Excellent and worth every penny


I was skeptical of Select Comfort at first, because like so many other things it seemed "gimicky".  And with all the infomercials I had to go see for myself. I am a school teacher, on my feet continually all day long, and needed a great mattress that would provide support and a good night's sleep.  With so many other mattresses, I was going to sleep in pain and waking up with a sore back. I tried the floor models in the Select Comfort store and was so satisfied with the product and its 30 day guarantee that I purchased one.  I also liked the opportunity to choose which model was right for me.  Delivery and setup was done very professionally and I have been satisfied ever since.  I even purchased a smaller version (full size) for my guest bedroom.  


Clearwater, FL


Select Comfort Sleep Number California King: More like a Prince


My husband is 6' 3" tall and this California King bed is the pefect size for him. We were given this bed as a wedding gift in 2006 and we've had mixed emotions about it ever since. We have the 5000 model and it has the single wireless remote. We also have the Sleep Number Foundation with feet. My husband and I enjoy being able to control the firmness of our individual side of the bed. We have both lost and gained significant amounts of weight that make owning this bed worth it. When you can adjust the comfort level and reduce pressure points on your body, you obtain a much better night's sleep. I was especially grateful for the ability to do this during my first pregnancy and especially now that I'm pregnant with twins. For this functionality alone, this bed is worth the cost. We have found, however, that the California King does not line up perfectly with the foundation that we purchased extra. The bed tends to slide around on the foundation and over time this promotes sagging and the breaking down of the foam walls. We have not had a problem with the foam in the center of the bed but if I don't keep a pillow between the mattress and foundation to prop up my outside edge of the bed then I feel as I will roll off from the sagging of the outside edge. This problem started after about a year of owning it and I was immediately frustrated by the lack of longevity of the product. In their defense, if you go to their website as a current owner and log in, I have recently found that they do encourage you to contact them if you have experienced this problem and I have not taken the time to do so. The Select Comfort beds can be costly but they do offer a variety of choices and options to help you keep the costs tailored to your needs and desires. Despite the few hassles we've experienced, as a person who has had back trouble on traditional beds, I would definitely buy a sleep number bed again. It has provided me some of the best nights of rest I've ever had.


Beltsville, MD


Sleep Number Bed Innovation Series i10 Mattress

4.3 7