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Sleep Number
Sleep Number Bed 4000 Mattress

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Didn't meet my expectations


I have had the opportunity to try the Sleep Number mattress. I was excited to do so after hearing many good reviews and advertisements for it, but it did not meet my expectations. It did not provide a bad night of sleep, but neither did it wow me. My husband and I both selected a different number and tried out many different settings. It was just as comfortable as my former mattress. I don't think it is worth the additional cost. There are other less expensive mattresses that provide an equal amount of comfort as the Sleep number bed. My sister loves her sleep number mattress, however, so maybe I need to give it more of a try. This is not a bad mattress, just not worth the high price in my opinion. I would not recommend it unless you have already tried one and love it.

Lagrange, OH


The ads are right on.


I was skeptical at first about all of claims made in the Sleep Number 4000 advertisements, but they are absolutely true. My husband had back issues for awhile and we just attributed it to work, etc. We decided to get the Sleep Number bed (king size) and what a difference. He does not wake up in the morning complaining his back hurts. He sleeps soundly and I do not even know he is in the bed sometimes when he gets in at a different time than I do. My side of the bed is firmer than his and I am very happy with how my body feels so I am glad there are dual controls. It is funny when I put the sheets on since his side is really soft and my side is firm, as the sheets fit better when the bed is firm but sometimes the sheets also come up from the corners as a result. Sitting on the bed you really need to decide whether you want to sit on firmness or not, especially when one side is pretty firm and the other side is really soft. Being in the middle is also not a good idea.

Austin, TX


We couldn't live without our Select Comfort beds.


We bought our first Select Comfort bed more than 15 yrs ago and when our house burned we thought we would die waiting for the new house to be finished to set up our new beds, yes this time we bought more than one.  After all having a guest room with a Sleep Number makes it easier to convince others to buy one.



There's nothing like sleeping on air


I was hesitant about this purchase, but my husband was having back problems with our traditional spring mattress, so we took the plunge.  The transition was great for him, a bit harder for me.  I'm convinced most people give up before they find their number because it can take a while.  I was over a month (five nights is the recommded time trying a number to give your body time to adjust and see if you sleep well on it).  Once we got our sleep numbers though, it's been great.  He gets the rock he wants and I'm getting a little support.  I also am not being disturbed at night by his rolling over, like I was in a traditional spring mattress.  Cost is a bit much, but when you consider the life of the mattress is so much more than a traditional spring mattress, it makes sense.  Overall, it's been a good choice for us!

Daytona Beach, FL


Great bed especially for pregnant moms!


We've had our Sleep Number bed for over 4 years now & I still love it. We originally got the bed for two reasons. One I was pregnant & had heard that these beds are great for pregnant women. Two my husband & I had a hard time agreeing on a firm or soft matress. **Pros:** Set-Up I actually set the bed up myself & found it to be very simple process Seperate sleep zones (this also means you feel your partner tossing & turning a lot less) Helped with my husband's snoring Easy to change firmness (this was especially helpful while I was pregnant & sometimes needed a softer or more firm matress) Quiet The air pump only runs when you change the firmness setting Cost (really was not much more than a good quality spring matress) **Cons:** Foam can wear down There is foam running down between the air matresses & around the outside edges, over time this foam can start to wear down. Sleeping zones are some what small We bought a Queen and luckily neither myself or my husband are overly big people, so if we had to buy over again I would get the King and have a larger sleeping area. Overall I don't see us going back to a traditional spring matress, but there are some issues I would look into before buying another Sleep Number bed.

Avon, MN


I'll never sleep on anything but air again!


The **Sleep Number Select Comfort 4000** is actually in our guest bedroom and is our *second *Sleep Number bed. We **LOVE** them! We purchased a Classic 3000 originally (and it's the bed we're still using) and after the first night, we HATED it. We each started around 20-25, but the next morning we were so sore, we were sure we would send it back. Thank goodness for the 30-Day In-Home Trial! The next night we played around with the numbers and slept like babies - we fell in love with our Select Comfort on Night 2 of the trial and have never looked back! **Favorite Features:** - Easy to pack up if you need to move - we literally folded the mattress parts and stuffed them in the back of our car when we got our Select Comfort 4000. - Washable top - love this aspect of the bed! - I have had back problems in the past, and when it starts hurting, I change the bed number on my side - harder or softer as necessary. What other bed offers that? - My husband and I have never been able to agree on a mattress softness/firmness - and now we don't have to! He has his number, I have mine - it's perfect! As I mentioned at the beginning, the 4000 is in our guest bedroom. We always try to explain how it works and are faced with a bunch of skeptics - until the next morning. One couple who stayed with us told us when they arrived that the husband hadn't slept through the night in quite some time. He was almost paralyzed many years ago and had horrible back problems. The next morning...all was quiet until later in the morning when they emerged to say that once they had found their respective numbers, he had actually slept! Give it a try! The worst that can happen is you have to send it back.

Elizabethton, TN


Like sleeping in a hammock


We owned this mattress for several years trying to love it after spending soooo much money on it.  In the end we had to accept that it really is no different than sleeping on an inflatable camping mattress.  There is no support and unless the air is pumped up to the maximum you feel like you are hanging in the middle, like sleeping in a hammock.  After having problems with sore backs we finally tossed a couple of regular twin mattresses on our king bed to replace our sleep number.  We immediately started sleeping better and the sore backs went away.  I would not recommend spending money on this mattress.  You can do much better for the crazy amount they charge.

Elk River, MN


Adjustable to your own liking


What could be better than being able to adjust your mattress to your liking.  I thought I liked firm beds until I got the Select Comfort bed and discovered that I really like the lower settings.  Once I found my "number" I sink into my mattress everynight and never wake up with any kind of aches or pains.  I may wake up for other issues, but it is never because of the mattress.  I also discovered that my husband and I like the same firmness.  Who knew?  One warning - once you find your perfect setting make sure you keep your remote in a safe place.  We never need to adjust anymore so it would be easy to misplace the remote.  I'm finding that the very end of the mattress is starting to sag a little.  It is where we have a tendency to sit in the morning to put on shoes, etc.... so I'm wondering if certains "parts" can be replaced.  Otherwise, we are loving the look and feel of this mattress.

San Bernardino, CA


Does not live up to hype


My finance and I had not lived together and had very different sleep preferences.  I had a waterbed and he had a firm mattress.  So when we got married, the Sleep Number bed seemed to be the answer we we looking for--each of us could choose a number and sleep happily ever after.  It did not work out that way.  I settled on 25-35 for my number, and he tried everything.  If his side was much harder than my side, he found his side of the bed tilting toward my side and he would either end up rolling to my side or be unable to relax trying not to.  If he got his number close to or equal to mine (and really, what's the point of such an expensive adjustable-firmness mattress if the numbers are set to the same firmness anyway?), we found that the bed sort of "hammocks"--our heads and feet are raised up because of the edges of the mattress, but the middle is just soft and droopy.  Maybe it's a tallness issue--if we were both under 5'5" or something, maybe we would not have felt the hammock effect because our feet would not be to the end of the bed.  But we are both 5'8" and taller (not terribly tall), and the hammock effect was hard on our backs.  Also when one of us moved (and neither of us has ever slept all night without having to roll over), the movement transfer was very significant.  Also, the "number setting" would react to the redistribution of weight and the bed would start to refill or release air and disrupt our rest further.  We never once slept well on this bed.  We called for the 60 or 90 night sleep guarantee warranty, and were offered a support mat that would effectivey make our Sleep Number 4000 a 5000, with 30 more days to try it.  We tried, but we never once slept well on this bed. 

West Fargo, ND


select comfort mattress-highly recommended


I have been plagued with back pain for years and decided to try the 'sleep number bed'.  I know I like a firm mattress so I started with  number 85.  I woke up the next morning with almost no lower back pain.  Nothing is going to be 100%,  except maybe a miracle, but this bed was absolutely one of the best investments I've ever made.  Also,  it's nice to be able to adjust your number according to sleep position- I like it a little less firm for sleeping on my side or extra firm when sitting up to watch tv.  

Villa Rica, GA


Sleep Number Bed 4000 Mattress

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