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Slatkin & Co.
Slatkin & Co. Single Wallflowers Refill - Mountain Leaves

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Crisp smell of fall with an underlying woodsy smell.


I love this fragrance! Why did you ever discontinue it? It smells fresh without being overpowering and too feminine. Makes for harmony in my house because it isn't too flowery, but just a fresh smell. BRING IT BACK! Please....



The Sensual Beauty of Dark, Shadowed Woods


**Slatkin & Co. Single Wallflowers**® **Refill in Mountain Leaves** scent is absolutely to die for - if you love that aromatic scent of tree sap, crushed pine resin, the sultry smell of moist, dark earth and delicate evergreens, you'll fall absolutely head-over-heels in love with this scent. While it can have this masculine, subtle cologne overtone, it has that wonderful, sensual, cleansing power of dark, quiet, mossy forests. The Wallflowers are attractive little home fragrance sets that you plug into your wall and slowly, heat up the fragrance oils to emit a long-lasting, potent aroma of fragrance. These a bit more versatile than some of the other brands available, like Glade or Febreze, as you get a more expensive, powerful, full-bodied fragrance than some of the cheap, run-of-the-mill scents available. I didn't think I would really like this, having been afraid it would either smell sickly sweet or nothing like crushed mountain leaves, but yet, it does. The fragrance is clean, crisp, and aromatic. It has those wonderful, crisp touches of sweet, deep, masculine pine mixed with undertones of green vetiver, lush evergreens and a hint of citrus to ease out all that foresty goodness. It is neither too sweet, too overpower, or too 'metholish', like Pine-Sol, for anyone to not enioy. The fragrance is subtle but noticeable, and it seems to really surround you instead of just simply, hitting you smack in the face like a freight train. It really has that same crispness, that small sensual, dark beauty, as pine forests enshrouded in shadows and sunlight, with only a few speckles of light shining through the tender, delicate leaves as they shiver in a cool breeze. I can even hear that familiar, haunting whoosh and whistle as the delicate winds wind through the high, leafy canopies of the soaring pines, like ghosts whispering in the quiet. It is such a calming, dreamy fragrance that I just can't help but love. The Wallflower refill bottles are pretty, easy-to-use, and while somewhat odd to open as you unscrew clockwise instead of the usual counterclockwise (which was the only fibble for me), I really enjoy using the bottles. Just unscrew the cap, stick it inside the Wallflower bulb, put it in any workable socket, and enjoy the sudden burst of freshness throughout your room. They are much more pratical and enjoyable than candles can be, as you get more freshness, more scent, without all the matches, smoke, and disposing of the old wicks and wax. The fragrance lasts for many weeks, and these little fragrance refills allow me to transport myself to another time and place, where the winds make the trees speak, wolves with pelts of moon-colored fur dance in the shadows, and the moon rises high on cold, starry nights, to guide me through paths of discovery and dreams.

Fullerton, CA


Slatkin & Co. Single Wallflowers Refill - Mountain Leaves

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