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Slatkin & Co.
Slatkin & Co. Home Fragrance Oil - The Perfect Autumn

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I love Slatkin and Co. Home Fragrance Oil in Autumn Apple!


I love Slatkin  and Co. Home Fragrance Oil in Autumn Apple!  I bought it and other Slatkin and Co. Fragrance Oils at the same time but the Autumn Apple is my favorite.  I bought it when I bought the Slatkin and Co. Scentbug because it uses the Fragrance Oils.  It would be nice if they came with because the oils can be a little pricey.  If you buy them at the same time as the Scentbug, you get a discount.  At least you did if you bought the Slatkin and Co. Home Fragrance Oils and Scentbugs when I purchased them.  The things I like about the Slatkin and Co. Home Fragrance Oils are that the bottle will last me a long time.  This is especially important to me since it is expensive.  It also smells really good and doesn't affect my allergies like a lot of the floral scents do.  Autumn Apple was a perfect fall fragrance for me.  I would definitely recommend it to others and have already recommended it to family and friends.


Cambridge, MA


Slatkin's Autumn oils make me yearn for fall!


Slatkin & Company always delivers when it comes to their home fragrance.  I have tried everything from their candles (both their three-wicks and single-wicks), their Scentbugs (definitely one of my favorite products in the world), their ScentPorts (which are now being discontinued), and their room sprays.  Their oils, in conjunction with their Scentbugs, of course, are my favorite. In the Autumn Collection, my favorites are Autumn Apple and Leaves, and the recently added Ginger Vanilla.  They have all become such staples in my house that they no longer stay in autumn, where they are supposed to belong.  The Autumn Apple lasts into winter and is brought back out in the spring, and Leaves lasts through the winter (and then we can barely wait for summer to be over, so we can start it again!).  Ginger Vanilla, warm and soft, is a good one for any time of the year. Outside the Autumn line, Slatkin also produces Creamy Caramel, Creamy Nutmeg, Kitchen Spice, Fresh Balsam (a personal favorite for Christmas), Fresh Bamboo, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Linen, Fresh Market Apple (which is brand new!), and many others...


Burlington, NJ


Loving that crisp sweet scent of fall.


I love candles and have tons of scented candles in my collection but sometimes I just want quick fragrance without having to wait for a candle to melt and release its scent. That's when I turn to my small arsenal of **scented oils**.  In the past I have tried some of the White Barn scented oils from Bath & Body Works but did not like them as they, for some reason, smelled flowery even though they were supposed to smell fruity and they gave me a headache. But a few weeks ago I found a new brand of scented oils at **Bath & Body Works** called **Slatkin & Co**. that are really great, true scents that make my house smell fantastic.  The one scent I have is called **The Perfect Autumn Home Fragrance Oil in the Apple scent.**  Bathandbodyworks.com states that the scent is *the perfect blend of juicy McIntosh apple, crisp applewood, white lotus and white oak. *My nose doesn't pick up anything like lotus or oak but just the scent of pure, sweet apples.  I went to an apple orchard this morning and picked apples straight from the tree.  When I bit into them the sweet juice dripped down my chin and into my hand.  It smelled so good.  This home fragrance oil smells just like the fresh from the tree apples I tasted today.  Just 15 drops in my oil burner releases yummy scent thru out my whole home.  Or just dab a bit onto a light bulb and when it gets hot the scent releases. Yum, yum, and yum. Available at Bath & Body Works and QVC.


Annapolis, MD


Slatkin & Co. Home Fragrance Oil - The Perfect Autumn

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