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Slatkin & Co.
Slatkin & Co. Clean Mist Odor Eliminating Wallflowers

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I enjoy Bath and Body Works. They have so many great smelling products. The Wallflowers always seem to go on sale, so I thought I would try it. A friend of mine had also recommended this to me. The first one I bought was the clean mist odor eliminator. There are several scents to choose from, but I wanted to try one without a strong odor so it wouldn't become over-powering when I entered a room. I like clean, fresh scents as opposed to harsh musky ones. The first few days, this was great. I smelled it in the room and was very refreshing. However, after a few days I couldn't notice the smell anymore. I know you might be thinking "well maybe she just got used to it?" When other people entered my home, they didn't notice the scent either. There was no bad smell, but it didn't have the burst of freshness anymore. It still had plenty of oil, so I assumed it should have still been working. I don't think I would recommend this.

Phoenix, AZ


Smells Great! -- For a Few Days


I purchased a plug-in **Slatkin & Co. Odor Eliminating Wallflower **from** Bath & Body Works** in the **Clean Mist** fragrance to place near my entryway.  I'm a big fan of the wide variety of fragrant products offered by Bath & Body Works, so I thought I'd be happy with this product.  What I love about the **Clean Mist Wallflower** is that it has an incredibly fresh scent.  The bulb is filled with a scented oil that plugs into the wall.  Once plugged in, the oil is heated for a burst of fragrance.  The scent quickly filled the air and I was pleased at how it greeted me when I opened the door to my entry.  That pleasure soon faded right along with the fragrance. The problem with the **Clean Mist Odor Eliminating Wallflower** is that I could only detect its fragrance for about a week.  It's possible that it was continuing to eliminate odors--if so, it eliminated them without leaving behind any scent.  That's where the product misses the mark for me.  I buy odor eliminating sprays like [Zero Odor][1] when I want to totally eliminate a smell (like pet odor).  But I buy a product like a scented Wallflower because I am looking to actually impart fragrance into the room. As much as I love the initial burst of fragrance, I can't really recommend this product and wouldn't buy it again.  Even though the oil lasted about a month, the scent was gone much too quickly. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Zero-Odor-review-75dd

Chicagoland, IL


I keep a Wallflower in every room--and in my closet


I love my pets... but let's face it, having them in the house often causes a not-so-fresh smell. Thankfully, I also love Bath & Body Works products. So, when I saw the new Odor Eliminating wallflowers from Slatkin in the store, I had to try them immediately. And they work! They have the same potency and life as regular Wallflowers, but they really do work to neutralize odors of all kinds. The Clean Mist fragrance keeps things smelling like my house has just been thoroughly cleaned each day. I have tried them in the bathrooms, rooms of the house where we keep litter boxes, and my closet, and they work well everywhere.

Spartanburg, SC


Slatkin & Co. Clean Mist Odor Eliminating Wallflowers

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