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Sky Angel IPTV

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not worth the bang for my bucks


Experiences with SkyAngel IPTV gave me mix feelings about their services and company as a whole. I gave Sky a try for a year and I didn't really like it. It fell flat bottom. Their servers tend to go down for days and their box seems to go out quite often (maybe bad quality materials who knows). I call one of their representatives to ask about the servers being down and all of the answers I received was just " All of our servers are up and been running". That answer wasn't a legit answer I was looking for that would solve my technical issues with their services. Their TV service quality is okay; you either love it or you hate it; as for me I hated it. It is cheaper to other TV providers, but the quality isn't really up there. Overall, their TV services are good for targeting a specific type of viewers; like religion because they do have those Christian channels, but other TV channels like discovery the quality is too poor. Not even FOX network works.



Not as good as the old skyangel


I loved skyangel TV but they recently switched to IPTV (receiving your service through a high speed internet connection).  They did expand the channels selection but along with that came alot of channels that don't promote the same values that they were originally so well liked for.  Theres also the issue that our internet is never quite fast enough at times so that we have to wait for the TV to buffer.  This can ruin alot of TV shows.  Overall I liked the old Skyangel better.

Cowden, IL


Sky Angel IPTV

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