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Skullcandy Riot Headphones

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Seriously amazing. The sound quality is great! Much better than any headphones I've ever had and they've definitely lasted longer than any headphones I have had. I use them almost every day and have had them for almost a year. They get tugged on, pulled on, and have even gotten stuck in car doors and still as good as new. I don't know why they discontinued them. They are great! Especially the colors they come in. Mine in green, yellow, and white/ The wire isn't ripping anywhere, the paint isn't chipping, and the buds aren't ripping. What more could you want? The headphones have saved my phone from disaster many many times. I have zero problems with them. The sound quality allows me to drown out the world which all headphones should do. They're long and very comfortable. They came with 3 different sizes of buds and if I remember 1 size came in 2 colors. Ii liked the variety. You can still find them on amazon, thankfully. Hopefully I won't be needing new headphones for a while.



Skull Candy headphones are comfortable and stylish!


My son "ate" my generic-comes-in-the-package-ipod-earbuds.  Needless to day, I was in the market for a new set.  While out shopping with my best shopping buddy, I saw a pair of skull candy earbuds and said to my friend, "wow, those are cute and I need a new pair of earbuds."  She then told me that "Skull Candy has *the best *earbuds".  Of course I was skeptical, I like to make my own opinions about what is "the best" for me. I got the Skull Candy ear buds home and out of the package, plugged them into my ipod, and picked a great song with some bass.  I WAS SOLD!!!  Not only were my new Skull Candy earbuds WAAAAYYY more comfortable than my generic "factory" earbuds (that I would often have to take out to give my ears a break). The soft plastic conforms to my ear and helps keep external noise out and pure music in.  The sound quality is also exceptional. It is very clear and pure. By far one of the best purchases I made this year! 

Hammond, IN


Skullcandy Riot Headphones

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