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Skullcandy Hesh Headphones Paul Frank Julius

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These Skullcandy Headphones are great looking, and work good.


I really like thse headphones. Skullycandy always comes with creative, fun designed headphones that go great with many Mp3s, iPods, and other msuic listening devices. They're classic big headphones with a modern, and colorful twist.

Holtville, CA


These Headphones are an amazing product.


The things i enjoy most about these headphones are the amazing sound quality and design. When you wear these headphones, you feel like an individual. You are able block out the world with the amazing sound and bass. Nothing is better than listening to Dragonforce at max volume while running on the track. The sound quality on these headphones are second to none. One of the things i would change is make the headphones bigger, i have large ears and the headphones bend my ears back, after a while it begins to be uncomfortable. The cord is of adequite length and looks very good with the headphones.I think if the padding on the outside of the earphones was thinner, it would be an even better product. The bag that the headphones come with is fashionable and has a large stretch radius, all leading up to a creat bag. This is an outstanding product and I would be lost without it. All in all, these headphones are amazing and  have very few problems. These are my favorite headphones ever, bar none.

Heppner, OR


Cracking Skulls with Skullcandy


These headphones add a splash of color to what would be dull and lifeless if they were any other headphone. They are flashy and adorable to have while listening to music as well as complimenting your style. They are lightweight, and life expectancy about 2 years before breaking. If you do have a need for something classic yet modern, as well as cute and full of flavor, i would buy these. If you're looking for something a little more durable, then I wouldn't recommend spending your pennies on this. They are more for show than anything else, and the sound is quality, but they can break easily if overused. But it's no problem if you love skullcandy anyway, because they do have great sound and look awesome. Consider them a lively accessory to your everyday music consumption. Buy these if you got the money and like the classic large cute headphone look. You can't go wrong with that! Go get em! They're awesome. =)

San Francisco, CA


Skullcandy Hesh Headphones Paul Frank Julius

4.3 3