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Skullcandy G.I. Green Camo Stereo Headphones

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I haven't switched Headphones since!


These headphones are simply amazing! They aren't too expensive and they aren't hard to come by. When I first bought them, I was originally just replacing a pair of headphones I had broke, because I'm not the most careful person in the world. Anyway, when I opened them up, I teared up when the Angel white glow shined into my eyes, making me near blind. I plugged them in RIGHT AWAY and listened to some of my favorite music. After a couple weeks, they had been my new best friend. This is because I usually break and buy a new pair of headphones once a week. These things withstood EVERYTHING I had. My dog chewed on them, I dropped them, spilled liquid on them, and they still work beautifully and look even better, (minus the teeth marks...)! All in all, I decided to go buy more, and stock up on these headphones. Out of the four pairs I bought, I still have four to go! They are pretty much indestructable if you are the average, everyday computer user such as myself. (Oh, and they have THE MOST AMAZING QUALITY SOUND EVER, they were comfy and fit me rather nicely.)

Temperance, MI


Best Skullcandy Headphones ever!!!


These are by far the best headphones I have ever used they may seem bulky but I love them they have outlasted all of my other headphones and ear buds. The sound quality is top notch there is nothing that I dislike SkullCandy Itself is a smart company because they allowed the consumers to create the headphones and earbuds for sometime and I think that these are better and cheaper than those bose headphones. It can be somewhat unconfortable for some people but it was perfect for me and it was easy to adjust.

Hudson, WI


Great sound quality


I received these headphones as a gift last Christmas. Until this time, I've only used Bose ear buds, which I would gladly go back to. The sound quality is the most important thing to me, but comfort is a close second...and I find these to be very uncomfortable. They tend to squeeze and cause me a headache after extended periods of use; perhaps I'm just not used to their fit. The sound quality is crystal clear at times, but the volume doesn't seem to reach the level my Bose' do, and they sometimes make a crackling noise with loud music. Skull candy has come out with some pretty cool designs, but these are just over the top, I'm not sure who buys these thinking they look cool. I believe that for the price and quality, these headphones are not worth looking into, unless they're your only option and you don't mind sacrificing little things like comfort and your appearance. In all honesty, I wouldn't recommend these to anyone.

Baltimore, MD




Let me start by saying SkullCandy is a trusted and reputable brand when it comes to Fashion headphones, so it can be expected that most of them are high-quality, I purchased these for myself because they are not only fashionable but I also love quality when it comes to listening to music, Skullcandy headphones have a high quality base rendition that really wowed me when I tried them out..........however the products are not bulletproof even though the price would cover headphones that are less destructible, You have to be very careful using them especially after your out of the very short warranty..........and the warranty doesn't cover "abuse" such as listening to them at high volumes and mishandling them, They are not reluctant however to send a new pair if you have a warranted claim, but you have to send them back so they'll know whether or not its valid, and they think highly of the headphones, overall If you want fashionable headphones that last with care then skullcandy is your brand

Fairburn, GA


Great head phones but it is going to cost you


For this class of head phones they work great.  They sound great, they feel good on your hand, very comfortable, and the overall design is amazing.  The plastic loop that goes over your hang works very well since instead of just having one ring on top your hand it has two.  So the head phones have more of a sercure feel and plus it really helps them stay on beter.  The ear speakers work very with great sound quality and they are tilted at an angle to give you better listening quality and comfort.  The only problem depending on where you go to purchase them they do usually cost more than the average set of ear phones.

Greensboro, NC


Skullcandy G.I. Green Camo Stereo Headphones

4.0 5