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Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Bud 11mm Headphones

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Pretty decent


These headphones are pretty decent for the price. The sound quality wasn't bad and they do tend to block out background noise. The only problem I had was with durability, after a few months of use the left ear bud was the first to do. If I tilt it at a 45 degree angle and shake it a few times I can magically hear an echo. The ear buds are comfy though.



An amazing piece of audio equipment.


I love the SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds because of the rich sound quality in such a small package. They are made of metal so the quality is above other cheaper products. The bass that these earbuds produce is amazing!. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality pair of earbuds. Sound Quality The sound is amazing for such a small piece of audio equipment. Performance Performance is above most other earbuds. Battery Life NA Durability Metal construction make them a very durable product. Ease of Use Simply put them in your ears and enjoy! Design I like the design because of the metal construction and different ear pieces to custom fit them to your ears.

Oxford, AL


FMJ Earbuds hit all the right notes.


My husband and I spent a little extra on earphones than we planned exchanged the Full Metal Jacket Skullcandy  earbuds for Valentine's Day.  I love mine and use them nearly every day to listen to music at work.  They have a receiver that you can use to click between music and the phone and I've found that to be very handy.  The sound quality is great and they're much more comfortable than the earbuds that came with my iphone.  They also come with several different size and type of covers.  My husband and I have very different size ears but there were covers that fit both of us.  The only comparison I have to make regarding the sound is with the earbuds that come with apple products like the nano and iphone.  There is no comparison between the two;  the Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds really make you want to crank up the volume.  The bass is terrific and it picks up the highs well too.  I really like the sound these ear phones put out. As for durability, I've been using mine nearly daily and carrying them around in my purse for the last nine months and I've had no problem with the wires getting loose but that probably has a lot to do with just how rough you are on them. 

Olive Branch, MS


Skullcandy Bud Headphones look cool but don't fit right.


I loved the look of these headphones and the price was good. I also had heard good things about the sound quality of buds, so I thought I would buy these. However, even though friends earbuds (different brand) had fit me, these didn't for some reason. I kept having to adjust them and despite this, they kept falling out. I was very disappointed. I don't even know of anything else to say because I never got them to stay in long enough to listen to a full song. I guess this is a buyer beware type of deal since they don't work for all ear types.

Menasha, WI


Sounds great, too many pieces..


I got these as a Christmas present, after having previously purchased from the line of cheaper Skull Candy headphones..I don't exactly remember which ones I had, but they had plastic casing.  These ones definitely felt more durable.  I can't say for sure if the sound was better, but it certainly wasn't worse.  The comfort was great, because they come with multiple covers to find the right fit for your ear.  The set also came with a nice durable zip-up case to keep the headphones and extra covers in.  Unfortunately, I lost the case, so that doesn't do me much good now.  I also lost one of the covers that I had on the headphones, so I can only listen comfortably with one ear.  I'm sure it's possible to order more covers, but I'm relatively lazy and haven't bothered looking into this.  So, if you aren't inclined to lose things like I am, then I'd definitely recommend these.  They sound great, look nice, feel durable, and are very comfortable.  Of course, I'd also say that about the cheaper ones.

Clifton, VA


Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Bud 11mm Headphones

3.6 5