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Skullcandy Earphones Inkd Metallic Blue

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Amazed at the quality based on the price


For such an inexpensive product, I am amazed at the quality. I work in a somewhat noisy busy office and these help to cancel out the conversations better than some of the more expensive earphones I have tried. I liked them enough that I persuaded both a co-worker and my daughter to try them. They have also purchased them for their use. Sound Quality These do a pretty good job canceling out the noises from talkative co-workers. At times our office becomes extremely noisy. When doing repetitive tasks, it helps to have music to keep my brain occupied while concentrating on the task. These block the noise and allow me to enjoy my music when not disturbing my co-workers. Ease of Use The Skull Candy ear buds are easy to use and the different sizes of buds is very helpful. It helps to block out some of the office noise. Durability I have had one set of these for over a year. I liked them so much, I purchased another pair to use with my tablet. Design The different sizes for the ear pieces are great. I know that one size doesn't fit all and apparently Skull Candy does too. There is nothing more annoying than having to push the ear bud back in my ear because the rubber piece is too big.

Kansas City, MO


LOVE Skullcandy S5lwbz Headphones


I bought the Skullcandy headphones for my teenage daughter ,my cheap ones died so I borrowed her Skullcandy and now she has the buds and I kept these.Such a clear sound that comes out of the headphones it sounds like you are in a concert! I love to listen at bedtime so I have them a little lower but can still hear the sounds as clear as day .The cushion around the ear is like a pillow wonderful when wanting to go to sleep listening to music.They also come in some of the coolest colors which is what brought them to my daughters attention in the first place.We will so being buying Skullcandy again and again!

East Peoria, IL


These SkullCandy headphones are so comfortable!


My younger sister has used SkullCandy headphones for a long time, but I never wanted to try them because I thought they were too expensive. Finally, I bought a pair of SkullCandy model S5LWBZ headphones because they were on sale at my college's bookstore. I really like them! They fit on my head and are very comfortable. I bought this kind because I like the ones that go over your head a lot better than the earbuds because they don't make the inside of my ears bleed like cheap earbuds do. The part that touches your ears feel leathery and smooth, which is a lot better than the plain plastic ones. The sound is also very nice. It is clear and loud enough without being too loud. I definitely do not like headphones that play the sound too quiet, or overwhelmingly loud even when you try to turn it down. These play the sound right in the middle where I like it. The look of these is also great! They are very fashionable. I got mine in two different colors, blue and pink, but there are other colors available as well. These are overall great headphones.

Indianapolis, IN


The S5LWBZ Headphones that wouldn't stay on.


The S5LWBZ are very aesthetic looking headphones.  However, the looks can be deceiving.  These particular headphones are extremely uncomfortable and are not recommended for any type of activity - even walking.  Consistently, they fall from your ears.  The fold back around your neck is very awkward and the uncomfortable as well.  The sound quality is fair but nothing to brag about.

Portsmouth, VA


Skullcandy Earphones Inkd Metallic Blue

3.5 4