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Skullcandy Double Agent Wireless Headphones

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they don't work as good as they say


I have bought these for my daughter who wanted a wireless headphones so she can do her chores and go outside without worrying about a wire .But she had them about 3 months when they stop working .She would turn them on and they go right off . I contacted the company about this problem but they never got back to me . i wouldn't recommend this item to anyone.

Pensacola, FL


As long as they're babied, the headphones will serve just fine


The Double Agent headphones are a cool accessory.  With the fact that the Double Agents include a built in mp3 player, and are thus essentially wireless, but also include an extra cord to turn them into wired headphones with almost any external mp3 player, the Double Agents seem to fulfill almost any needs a person would want in headphones. The earcups are comfortable, fit snugly over the ears and can be worn for long periods without too much discomfort, and the headphones aren't too heavy.  The button controls are all easy, intuitive, and work well.  There is a lack of a shuffle function, and the music is played in the order added to the memory card, but those are small features that don't really bother me.  The sound quality is decent, it's nowhere near the quality or level that an audiophile would want, but it fulfills the basic requirements for casual listeners. The headphones work really well at first, but there seems to be a small problem with wear and tear.  Skullcandy does have an excellent policy when it comes to returns, as long as it falls within its warranty range, which I believe is a year.  Treat these headphones well, and they'll funtion well.  However, they do not seem to stand up too well to a bit of banging around, which is something that I wish it did.  It is best to keep the headphones around your neck, or hold them while traveling since my first pair did not survive fully functional in a car trip while resting in a backpack.  I had only had them for less than a month. I think it had something to do with the mp3 player, since the built-in mp3 function was what ceased to work.  The headphones worked fine as long as they were "wired", but the point of buying and paying extra for the Double Agents was to have a wireless set.  So the fact that the mp3 player broke for no apparent reason other than sitting in a backpack for 30 minutes was a bit of a downer.  The built-in mp3 player seems to be the only "delicate" portion of the headphones as the rest of it was still fully functional.  I checked both the headphones and the memory card, and both worked well on their own. I've had other sets of Skullcandy headphones and earbuds, and all of them are tough enough that I carry them around in my pockets bare or in my backpack without any extra casing or protection, and even squashed by text books or laptops, they come out working fine.  The headphones themselves of the Double Agent are just as tough, but not the mp3 player. If you're looking for just the look of the headphones, but not the built-in mp3 player, then I suggest buying the wired Agent headphones and saving yourself a couple bucks.   I did e-mail Skullcandy's customer service with my concerns, and after going through their returns process, I received a replacement set no problem.  These headphones I have babied, and they've been working fine for over a year now. Overall, the headphones are very cool, they have a nice look, and are convenient, just take care of them.  However, unless you're specifically seeking wireless headphones, I would recommend another of Skullcandy's wired lines.

Lake Forest, CA


Skullcandy Double Agent Wireless Headphones

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