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Skull Candy Skullcandy SCS4CHBZ-BW Chop Earphones Speaker System

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Skull Candy Chops: Compact Design, Below But Average Sound


Skull Candy is one of the more popular mid-grade manufacturers of headphones and audio enhancement products. Some of their headphones are worth every penny you pay for them and others are a waste. I wish I would have know about the poor sound quality on these before I purchased them. While they are comfortable to wear, the sound is borderline horrid. Even when I adjusted the equalizer on my MP3 player and turned on the bass boost, the music I was listening to sounded faded and weak. The only thing that I use these for now is listening to sports broadcasts, audio books and spoken word performances. Anything with music is going to sound like you are listening to it in a tunnel. I did get these on sale so it wasn't that bad but if I would have paid full price for them I would have taken them back for a refund or an exchange. If all you need is a standby pair or something to listen to the news or weather then these will work but for music, spend a little more and get one of the nicer pairs of headphones. Sound Quality Horrible for music. Performance For music, these get low marks. For sports broadcasts and lectures, they are worth it. Battery Life No batteries needed.




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I use these earbuds all the time. They are super comfortable and light weight. The best thing about them is the shape. They stay put on your ear so that when you are exercising (running, jogging, etc)they don't fall out. Not to mention they are made by a reputable company in the headphone/ear bud business. I feel like my ears can only handle earbuds that hook over my ears, none of the others seem to fit right. My other headphones/earbuds used to always fall out of my ears. So far I'm loving the soft texture and how light they feel. The sound and style are great and really worth it. The only con to these is that the cord always gets tangled! It never fails - no matter how hard I try to roll the code up, it still ends up tangled. Now I don't even try anymore. I just wad them up and throw them in my gym bag... For the price that I payed, these have turned out to be pretty good headphones. I bought this for the reason that regular earphones fall out a lot and for that purpose, it's performs well. I even bought some for the hubby because he got jealous of mine when he actually tried them out!




Skull Candy Skullcandy SCS4CHBZ-BW Chop Earphones Speaker System

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