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Skull Candy SKULLCANDY 50/50 Headphones Earphone / Headphone

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Favorite earbuds yet


I love all Skull Candy products that I have used thus far. Out of all the ear buds I have used, these are definitely my favorite ones. The sound quality is wonderful, they have lasted over a year, and I like the simple and sleek black design. I'm a fan. Sound Quality I have found that the sound quality is excellent. I use the earbuds with my iPhone and iPad, and have absolutely no complaints. They pick up slight details better than my previous Apple earbuds. I'm no expert on earbuds, but in my layman opinion these get the job done and get it done well! Performance Their performance is excellent. Battery Life No complaints! Durability I'm pretty rough on my electronics, not going to lie, and these have with held every blow I have given them. The pair has lasted well over a year with no sign of giving out anytime soon! Ease of Use Skull Candy earbuds are incredibly easy to use. Design Very sImple and sleek! My favorite design. The cord seems to tangle less than other earbuds I have previously owned... But maybe I am imagining it. Regardless, I am a fan of Skull Candy products!




Skull Candy SKULLCANDY 50/50 Headphones Earphone / Headphone

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