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Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel Flirty Mango with Olive Oil 200 ml

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Smell is awesome!


First of all, let me just say that this shaving gel smells absolutely amazing!! I think I'd buy the scent in a heartbeat if it came in a spray or scented lotion. It's sort of a sweet tropical smell that  makes you want to lie on the beach all day! That being said, the actual gel is only so-so. You have to rub it really hard to make sure it foams up properly. Once you do this, it does make it easier to shave because the razor will glide on more smoothly than if you weren't using the gel. But I think that may be true of all shaving gels. For some reason, I feel like I get more cuts when using this. Don't know if that's something with the product or maybe just me, but it's something to keep in mind. I also have a problem with the nozzle because it continues to drip little bits of gel long after you stop pressing. This can be really annoying because if you put the cap on while it's doing this, it will be sticky and wet the next time you open it. Anyway, I usually shave in the shower so I just leave the bottle where the shower spray can hit it until it's no longer spitting out product.

Gainesville, FL


Works alright, more pricey though


The Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel Flirty Mango with Olive Oil (200ml) is a decent product.  It smells nice, and works about as well as any of the other skintimate shave gels.  I feel like it moisturizes my skin a fair amount, more so than other brands anyway.  It is a little expensive, however.  I think I have used plenty of off name brands, or just lesser expensive ones that have worked just as well, if not better.  It seems to rinse away pretty easily and is not as thick as some shaving gels (which could be the 'gel' factor, I think 'cream' does a better job making a thick lather, but that could just be me).  If it's on a steep sale, you have an awesome coupon, or it's free, I would say by all means, you should try it.  Personally though, I won't be buying this again if I have to pay more for it than its cheaper counterparts.  Some have said the smell is off, but if you're buying it in the store, you can smell it before you purchase it, so I would just trust your own instincts on that one.

Avoca, IA




I have to say I really like this shaving cream. Most of the time I am in a big rush in the mornings between getting myself and my son ready for the day. Shaving sadly is not always I priority. When I do have the time it isn't much so I need to get it done and get it done fast. You only need a little bit to cover your whole leg and with the great coverage. It foams right up and doesn't wash off easily with water, which is great when you have to shave in the shower. It also seems to help minimize nicks and cuts, the only down side is when you do get them the gel stings! Another plus is that it smells wonderful. It also keeps your legs or under arms moisturized so you don't get all scalely the moment you dry off. The only problem is that when you do use it, it is sometimes really hard to see where you have already shaved ans where you haven't, so once in awhile it is possible to miss a spot or two which isn't a big deal especailly for busy moms who are just happy most of their legs got done.

Two Rivers, WI


Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel Flirty Mango with Olive Oil 200 ml

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