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Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave Infused with Vitamin E & Soy

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Will not buy again


I tried Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave recently for the first time because it was on a super sale. I did not like it. The type of container used makes it very hard to even dispense the cream. I am use to foaming shave cream whether the shave cream starts as a foam or a gel, but this shave cream is like a lotion and did not foam even a little bit. At first, I thought this might be a good thing if it moisturizes really well like a good lotion, but it did not. My husband's shaving cream leaves my legs moisturized better and longer than this product that is designed specifically for women. As for the scent, there is nothing special about it, but it was not offensive either. I suppose this product enabled a comfortable and decent shave, but I was expecting more from a product for moisture-seeking women. Furthermore, when Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave is not on sale, it is more expensive than many other brands, and it is just not worth the additional cost.




Left a residue on my shower floor and gummed up my razor.


I was excited to try the Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave Infused with Vitamin E & Soy. I have always loved the Skintimate brand of shave gels/creams. The scents were very enticing. I was happy that it was not a can under pressure, but a tube with cream in it. This would be wonderful for traveling! I loved everything about this shaving cream, except that it left a residue buildup on the bottom of my shower quickly. It also gummed up my razor. I am assuming that the moisturizing ingredient was a little too thick and was not able to rinse off of the shower floor and my razor as well as it should. So I was disappointed overall. I hate cleaning the shower so having to clean it more frequently was just not my thing. I went back to using the shaving gel. Effectiveness The Skintimate Cream Shave worked well at moisturizing my legs and keeping the razor from nicking my legs. Scent The scent was very pleasant and I loved it!




Will NEVER use any other product to shave my legs!


I absolutely fell in love with this moisturizing cream shave the very first time I used it. I love that it doesn't put a large amount of lather on your legs and you just need to coat your legs with a very thin layer. It honestly made my legs feel really silky and smooth. It is also very moisturizing and I often feel like maybe I don't need to lotion my legs after shaving, but I am in such a habit of doing so, that I do it anyway. I also love the bottle that this product comes in. There is no cap to the bottle, you just pull open the flower on top, squeeze out the product and push the flower back down to close. The opening is actually at the bottom of the bottle, so you feel like you are getting every last drop that there is. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who shaves their legs!


Milford, OH


Amazing Shave & Wonderful Scent!


I have very sensitive skin and normally I use Skintimate Sensitive Shave Gel, but I saw and smelled this at the store and REALLY wanted to try it. I had a coupon, so I went ahead and tried it. First off, VERY nice shave, left my legs feeling really soft. I had no irritation, which was AWESOME because it does smell so good and leave my legs feeling fresh. As a whole though it is more pricey than buying it in the other bottle, alhtough the aluminum bottle skintimate does not have the same fragrance. I normally use the Skintimate Sensitive in the aluminum bottle, but if I am going out I pull out this bottle! It makes my legs glow and feel so soft! I recommend this completely but it is more expensive and you don't get as much for the money. :) It's worth it though.


Fort Worth, TX


Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave leaves my legs smooth


First of all, I personally love the way this product smells! To me it is almost a peachy smell; a great fresh scent. The first time I used this product I used a little too much of it because I thought I wasn't getting enough since it is a light cream and I was used to a heavy gel. I love this shaving cream. I makes my legs feel so smooth after shaving. It also moisturizes so it leaves skin very soft and free of irratation and razor burn. I also like the bottle that it is in better than a tradional shaving cream can. I was afraid it would run out quicker since it doesn't really foam up much, but it seems to have lasted just as long as any other shaving cream. It almost has a lotion texture. I have used Skintimate shaving products (gel) for years and have never really had any problems with them. I would say, this product is one of my favorite shaving creams to use. I really don't have any complaints about this product and the price isn't too bad either.


Rutherfordton, NC


This cream clogs the razor!


I only like to use the Skintimate brand of shaving cream (gel) while shaving the sensitive skin on my legs.  I have always enjoyed the scents and the way the cream leaves my skin feeling very soft.  I was excited to try this new creamy shaving cream when I saw it advertised by Skintimate.  I enjoyed the fresh clean scent of the cream and the soft feeling of it in my hands.  But as I began to shave my legs, I noticed that I was having to wash off the razor in the middle of every stroke and that the blade was starting to clog with the cream (I use a venus razor).  I continually rinsed my razor, but it would not completely unclog.  I was able to shave my legs but I kept having to shave over the same areas to completely shave off all the hair.  I also had to throw away the blade after using it only one time in order to get a close shave the next time; I am normally able to get several good shaves with each blade.  Ultimately, this cream is nice-smelling and leaves skin soft but clogs the blade which resulted in me having to spend more money to buy more blades.  


Olive Branch, MS


Skintimate is intimate with my needs


Lets face it..no- one likes shaving their legs.With this you get an extra bonus tho.Your legs feel so soft you dont mind having them touched(by yourself or ahemm..someone else)You dont have to worry about razor burn even under your underarms(takes the worry out of putting deoderant on right after)Having vitamin E is also great.Vitamin is really important in skin care and if your gong to have to shave..you  get this extra bonus


Pawcatuck, CT


smells wonderful and it looks better


I picked up Skintimate moisturizing cream shave at my local drug store, hoping it would be just what I needed to shave my legs and soften my skin.  Not only were my legs softer to the touch, but stayed soft until the next shave.  This formula is infused with vitamine E and  soy, so you know it will make your skin softer.  I really love the scent, soothing petals, it's subtle without being too perfumey and annoying.  I definitely  recommend this Skintimate cream shave for your legs too.


Georgetown, TX


Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave Infused with Vitamin E & Soy

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