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Skindecent Body Buffer

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Revealed! What makes me squeal with delight in the shower.


**Quick View**: This unique cleanser and scrub in one is perfect for people on the go. Handmade and natural in your choice of over 100 scents, its one of the best bath products I have ever used. **Full View:** I love to take long hot showers and use my favorite body washes and scrubs and, sometimes, even in-shower moisturizers. That's all great when I have time but, when I need to get in and get out, I need a good multipurpose product. Enter **Skindecent Body Buffer**. This unique foaming scrub cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes all in one step. Plus it's natural and handmade to order in the scent of my choice and even the color of my choice! **My Blissful Showering Experience**This buffer is super thick and grainy. It comes in whatever color and scent you choose. The buffer is not as scrubby as the actual single purpose scrubs but it still does a fine job exfoliating. The scent is strong and delicious. Because I choose the scents I want and like, I know I will always love the Buffer I choose to use. In the shower, I scoop out a generous amount of the Buffer, which is dense and thick. I don't use a pouf but, for more lather, you can. I go right to work using the Buffer as a scrub. Using it this way, the product does foam some and scrubs quite well. The sugar crystals don't dissolve fast so I get to use the Buffer for as long as I want - or have time to. When I rinse off, my skin is very soft and moisturized. I am clean, smooth, and soft after using just one product. When I towel off, my skin feels as though I used an in-shower moisturizer. Not oily, but super smooth and soft. I can skip creams and butters, but I usually follow up with the same scent of whipped body butter or use the same scent Skindecent Lotion Stick because I love the scents and I like to be ultra moisturized. This buffer goes a long way. Nine ounces is a hefty amount and you really only need a nice sized scoopful to cleanse and buff your body. At the moment, there are 108 scents to choose from including unscented. The range is from foody, fruity, and botanical, to sensual, clean, and sophisticated. There's nothing like choice when it comes to scents! **My Viewpoint** A scrub that cleanses and moisturizes all in one is a concept I like. One that comes in over 100 scents, is made to order, and I can even choose the color of is a true winner. I love all of Skindecent's products but I think the **Body Buffer** is one of the most versatile and economical shower products the site offers - or that I have seen anywhere. And, if you like a "scrubbier" scrub, simply add a few teaspoons of table sugar, stir, and you will have a scrubbier scrub that still cleanses and moisturizes. I love this product and have several tubs of it in pretty colors to match the names and scents. It leaves my skin clean, exfoliated, and super soft. ***5 stars for Skindecent's wonderful concoction***. You have to try it to appreciate it!

The heart of , NY


Foaming bath butter kicked up one gentle notch.


With my first Skindecent order I tried about 10 different products, all of which I absolutely loved.  My standout favorite is the Foaming Bath Butter which is a cleanser that has the consistency of cookie dough and is a really fun, yet very effective cleanser.  One of the other things I ordered is called **Body Buffer** which is basically **Foaming Bath Butter kicked up a notch**.  It's awesome! **SkinDecent.com** is a Canadian-based company that is basically a one woman show.  The owner, Marliss, custom blends all the products to order and nearly every product on the site can be fragranced with the customer's choice of over 100 different scents.  I ordered my tub of Body Buffer in the toasted marshmallow scent. Skindecent.com indicates that Body Buffer starts with Foaming Bath Butter and then **shea butter and sugar** are added for additional moisturization and exfoliation.  The result is a cleanser that is both moisturizing and exfoliating and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. In the winter my skin gets really dry to the point that it cracks and bleeds.  It needs to be exfoliated and moisturized but most exfoliants use either harsh things like shells (to which I am allergic) or salt which hurts like crazy on freshly shaved or sensitive skin.  Body Buffer contains pure sugar so it **exfoliates gently **and does not burn or sting whatsoever.  The consistency is lovely, like stiff cookie dough, and feels really nice on the skin.  It is a very gentle scrub that cleanses effectively, rinses away easily, and **moisturizes** so all of the tasks involved in cleansing and moisturizing are accomplished in one step which saves me time and water.  And I love the way the scent of marsmallow fills my shower and bathroom with its sweet scent and the way the **fragrance lingers on my skin** hours later. 

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Skindecent Body Buffer

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