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Skin Shield
Skin Shield Liquid Bandage

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works ok


When I saw these on tv I just wanted to try them lol. It looked pretty neat. I was really happy with the outcome. The skin shield luquid bandage really does work. It looks so much better then an ugly bulky bandaid wrapped around your finger. Also they really are water proof like they claim to be. i used it before and washed dishes and it was just fine. I think its a bit pricey though. So i don't use it often only when I dont want a bandaid showing. Depends on where I get the cut. It feels very natural too. Not rigid or rough or weird. I like that. Its almost as if nothing is there for me. I do agree that it stings a bit when put on. Which really sucked. Who wants to put something like that on a cut? Also the smell is not pleasant at all. It does smell a lot like nail polish as I've also read. And I agree. Its gross. But besides that it works which is the most important thing. I recommend these. Just dont breathe it in lol.

Whitehall, PA


Works good


I am a busy stay at home mom and I have my hands in the water alot. So whenever I would use tradional band aids they would always fall off and I would always have to put a new one on. I saw skin shield liquid bandage at my local drugstore and I thought the it would be worth it to give it a try. I have applyed it so small cuts on my hands and it has stayed on even when my hands are in water. The only two things I would say that is bad about the product is that when you first apply it it will sting or burn a little bit. The second thing I do not like about it is that it does have a somewhat strong smell. But both the stinging and the smell go away quickly. I would not use this product on my young son because of the stinging aspect. I have purchased this product a couple times and I will purchase it again in the future. It is worth the money and I feel that it does what it says it will do. A great product for someone that is always doing dishes or getting their hands wet.

Bowling Green, OH


Skin Shield is surpisingly awesome.


I prefer to not wear shoes unless I have no choice. I've been that way since I was a little girl. And because of that, I have severe calluses on the bottoms of my feet, which if left alone, grow so think and so quickly that the skin splits open and bleeds, and cannot heal because the calluses hold them open. Because of this, I've spent about ten years with band-aids all over my feet in different locations, and in order to keep the band-aids on, I've had to purchase medical tape to wrap around it, as well. This is expensive and time-consuming, and frankly, pretty uncomfortable. I was nervous about trying the liquid bandages because I was concerned about pain on application. (It DOES contain acetone, which is nail polish remover, and if you pour that into a cut it hurts BADLY!) But for some strange reason, whatever they've done with this formulation has made application nearly painless. The coverage lasts for days, even on feet. It protects from evil bacteria that tries to enter, and it seals the area so it's not wide open any longer. I've noticed faster healing times with this, and I've DEFINITELY saved a ton on bandaging supplies, but the coolest part is that it helps wounds heal so much faster. Even in areas that require flexibility, like fingers and things. The shield moves WITH you, and stays in place completely.

Denver, CO


Skin Shield Liquid Bandage 0.45 fl oz


I must say that I wasn't told that this Skin Shield Liquid Bandage does sting when you put it on. I was thinking that since it is a First Aid Antiseptic Pain Reliever, that it wasn't going to feel painful putting it on, but I was so wrong. It only last a short time, so I would say that you shouldn't use it on young children. It does smell like I'm using nail polish, but the smell doesn't last long, happy about that. I do like the fact that it is invisible, so that it's not seen right away like a bandages is. It claims that it is Antiseptic, but I just don't know for sure on that, unless they are going by the smell of it. It does stay on for a short time, like I would say about less than 2 days. I feel that if you have a small cut, this invisible liquid bandage may just work for you. The price isn't high, so if you have not tryed it, I say give it a try for yourself, and see if you like it.

Kenosha, WI


stings so bad when you put it on


Skin Shield Liquid Bandage is pretty great. I bought it since I have tried other liquid bandages and they either really stink, like nail polish, or are really sticky. This one is neither, but it does REALLY sting when you first put it on. Only for like 3 seconds though. It stays on by itself for about a day and a half and then just kind of falls off naturally. It claims to be an antiseptic and a pain reliever too, which i'm not so sure about. I mean, it doesn't seem to hurt less after you put it on. But I've only put it on tiny little scratches and cuts that didn't really hurt in the first place, so there you go. Skin Shield Liquid Bandage is definitely waterproof, too, which is a huge plus. It is perfect for your hands, since whenever you use any other type of band aid or bandage, it seems to fall off. Or, the bandage is much too large. These are perfect for those little cuts right on your fingertips, or for hangnails.

San Diego, CA


Skin Shield Liquid Bandage

4.0 5