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Skin Milk
Skin Milk Shower Gel

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Love this, hard to find in my area


**Skin milk body wash and shower gels are awesome and by far one of my faveorites however in my area it is hard to find a store that sells it. I find the lotion fairly easily however the showering products are scarce to say the least. I love the scent it is simple and clean and refreshing. I love the moustiure it adds to my already drying skin due to the cold weather. And I adore the pump feature because it makes getting the right amount of shower gel so easy. It lathers well and cleans well to I really just wish I could find it more places. I also really like the lotion after my showers with these cause it leaves my skin soft and smooth and smelling like skin milk for the rest of my day, and it isnt overpowering just a simple sweet and refreshing smell that is subtle and pretty. I even would let a small girl use this as its not to strong for a child to wear either. Definatly recomend if you are looking for soft smooth skin.**

Toledo, OH


Skin Milk Shower gel is our favorite body wash!


My husband and I both love Skin Milk shower get. The scent of it is very light and pleasant and it makes my skin feel very soft. I love how my husband smells faintly like it after his shower. It looks almost like a lotion and has a push down top. The price is very reasonable and can be found at a wide arrange of grocery stores and drug stores in my area. This stuff lasts forever, a small amount goes a long way. My only complaint is that skin Milk's bodu lotion and body wash come in almost identical bottles and it is easy to mix them up. My husband has come home twice with what he thought was the body wasg byt was actually the lotion. If you want a light smelling body wash that moisturizes I highly recommend this one. You will get your moneys worth has it last a long time and suds up nicely.  It is a body wash that is perfect for the whole family from babies to adults. It is our number one choice of body wash.

Columbus, OH


smells clean, great price


This is an excellent moisturizing body wash.  Only con is it is sometimes hard to find.  It lathers well and leaves you feeling soft.  The smell is wonderful......... NOT floral (yuck) but very clean, reminds me of a freshed bathed baby!   

Lebanon, TN


Very good value for the money.


I am always looking for a skin softening body wash and this is a pretty good one, as long as you use the skin milk moisturizer afterwards. It smells nice, without the real heavy perfumey scents. It comes in a large pump bottle so it lasts a long time and its a good value for the money.

Leon, WV


Skin Milk Shower Gel

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