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Skil 7500 Belt Sander

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An excellent tool for the money


The SKILL 7500 Belt sander is an entry model of belt sanders. It has a 3" by 18" belt. T he belts are very simple to take off and put on The manual gives you very precise instructions on how to do this. It is a simple process of unsrew a "cover" and the pull a switch away from the unit laterally. The old belt is now loose so that you can easily remove the old one and slip on a new one. Then itis a simple snap the switch or lever closed and screw the cover back on. The SKIL 7500 features an automatic belt alignment tool built in. Here all one  needs to do is adjust a screw while the belt is moving to bring it into an  even track. The Skil 7500 is light weight and easy to handle especiall with palm holder grip at the front. The trigger to start up the unit is very comfortable to pull and there is a simple button to lock the switch into a locked position. The SKILL 7500 has a dust catching bin with a snap off lid to easily and quickly empty which it is recommended one does often. I found that in practice the bin held a surprisiong amount of dust and I had to empty it far less than I had anticipated. The bin is every bit as adequate as the smaller bags that many competing sanders come with. All in all the SKIL 7500 is an excellent value and as good as any other entry level belt sander on the market.

Brooklyn, NY


Skil 7500 Belt Sander

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