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Sink Wizard
Sink Wizard Drain Clog Removal Tool

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It got all of my hair out from the drain


In my household I personally have long hair and so does my mum and it evident that a lot of our hair falls out because of the evidence on our hair brushes and the constant removing of hair from our vacuum cleaners head so this product was in apparent need for us as our bathroom shower drain would get clogged. I had to do it since I was put the blame of clogging it in the first place and I was a little skeptical that it would work with unclogging it but I had no other choice so I got the Sink Wizard Drain Clog Removal Tool and on the first try a lot of hair came back up which was gross but a good thing. I was careful with bringing it back up as I had in mind that it might break and had no clue as to how I would retrieve it out of the sink drain. It is easy to use and does an amazing job of getting all the hair and doesn't take that much time to do it but it is not a fun task as it's a disgusting job and I'm glad I got everything out in one try. I will continue to use this product for any future drain clogs.




Don't buy!


Worst product ever! Tried to use it to remove a small clog in the kids tub.......to my surprise the thing broke and the fuzzy part is now stuck in the tub as well!  Horrible product, will cost more in a plumbers visit than it could ever possibly save!  Don't waste your money!


Warner Robins, GA


Makes the situation worse, not better! BEWARE!


You get what you pay for. I bought this to get crud/hair/etc. out of my drains. Didn't even get a chance to get it to the yucky stuff. The first one fell off and down the drain as soon as I began to insert it into the drain. I was going to use the second one to try to retrieve the first little brush from down the drain, but didn't get the chance to even try. I unrolled it, and headed for the bathroom, and it just fell off for no reason while walking down the hall. Apparently these heads are not well attached. Beware, and DO NOT USE unless you are ready and willing to take your plumbing apart to remove the little brushes when they fail.


La Place, LA


Sink Wizard Drain Clog Removal Tool

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