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Singles Softball Sundays (S3 Softball)

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Why has something like this never been done before!?


**The Singles Softball Sundays (S3 Softball) league is incredible!  I'm playing in it right now and it's the best softball league I've ever been a part of in the city...They have a second season starting in early August, so take a look at it and tell your friends :)** **UPDATED WEBSITE: www.s3softball.com** **Here is their "league description". Sounds cool right!?**    Here we are. We made it through another brutal Chicago winter, and summer is almost upon us. Sunny, warm weather is just around the corner. It's time to start figuring out how to be outside as much as possible! That's where the idea behind Singles Softball Sunday comes from. Obviously going to the beach and lying on a blanket in a park is nice, but what about being active and playing in a summer sports league!? S3 Softball is the answer. Your knight in shining armor. Here to whisk you away on its white horse of fun and meeting singles in this great city. It seems like everyone wants to play in a summer softball league, but often times find it difficult to organize 12-16 friends to sign up a team. But what if you could join a team either by yourself or with a couple of friends while knowing that everyone on that team (and in the league at that!) is 100% single and ready to mingle? Yeah, that's what we thought. So if you are the kind of person who likes to meet new people, be outside enjoying the amazing Chicago summer, and play a little softball while you're at it, JOIN S3 SOFTBALL!! What's the catch you ask? There's only one. Well two. First, come every week excited to have a good time playing and getting to know your fellow Chicagoans. That one's easy. The second is more important. When you meet the guy or girl of your dreams, buy us a drink at the bar. And no we won't throw you out of the league by taking yourself off the market. So sign up today for Season 2, starting in early August!  Join single or with friends. Hurry though, there are a limited number of places. **www.s3softball.com**

Chicago, IL


Singles Softball Sundays (S3 Softball)

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