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Singer Tradition Very Basic Mechanical Sewing Machine


SINGER is sewing made easy. The SINGER 2250 Tradition sewing machine features 10 built-in stitches including an automatic 4-step buttonhole. This sewing machine boasts adjustable presser foot pressure, adjustable tension and an extra-high presser foot lifter. This machine comes with an accessory assortment that includes four presser feet (all-purpose, zipper, buttonhole and button sewing) to expand your creative sewing possibilities.

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Good First Sewing Machine


This is my first sewing machine, after years of sewing by hand finally got to be too painful. I admit I don't know much about sewing machines, which is ok because the Tradition is easy to use. You read the small instruction packet, which was super informative, and just follow the steps. I find myself reading through it every once in a while because I forget what to do. I like that I can control how fast it goes with the pedal, and the built-in light is a life-saver. The automatic/easy threading is great, however I have a hard time getting the little arm to catch the fabric, so I skip that and just stick it through the needle myself. I haven't quite figured out all the uses for the different stitch styles and lengths yet, so I can't comment on that. One thing is, do not expect this machine to go through thick or many layers of fabric, it is not designed to be heavy-duty. But this is definitely a good beginner's machine and for everyday projects. Stitch Performance It makes the stiches just like it says it will Ease of Use Pretty easy, even for a beginner, but I have trouble getting the bottom thread up sometimes. Probably user error. Fabric Handling It pulls the fabric through automatically. Do not use on thick or multi-layered projects. Versatility A portion of the bottom pulls off so you can do things like sleeves or other small narrow porjects. Design Two knobs control stitch and length, easy threader included. Durability So issues with durability so far, just use the machine wisely.

Chicago, IL


Singer Tradition 2250 Portable is simple to use


This is my first sewing machine. I am a beginner who has never used a sewing machine until now. I chose this one because it fit my budget, had good reviews, looked simple but not too simple, and was a recommended brand. I got home, took it out of the box, and started sewing that night. The machine is super easy to use and everything is fairly basic, I barely even had to look at the clearly written instruction booklet. I like that everything on the machine is fairly basic, nothing fancy, which makes it simple to use and understand. There are basic stitches and a few decorative ones, as well as a button hole setting. Nothing is digital, you just turn the knob to the setting you want. The speed isn't very fast, so I can't imagine sewing a large project on this machine, it would take forever. Not like I will be making large projects for awhile anyways. For a beginner the speed is perfect. It came with a button foot, but I found it to be akward to use, it is much faster and easy for me to just sew buttons on by hand. I wish that it had come with a zipper foot instead. I really love this sewing machine and recommend it to other beginners.

Corpus Christi, TX


Singer Tradition Very Basic Mechanical Sewing Machine

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