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Singer Stylist Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Singer Stylist Mechanical Sewing Machine 538


I bought this machine in the 70's and it lasted for years! I never had a problem ever! One day it stopped working and I took it to a shop to be repaired and was told they do not make the parts for it anymore. I literally cried. I bought a foreign machine that is considered top of the line with bells and whistles. No comparison.



Sew great!


The Singer Stylist was my second sewing machine I owned. When I was looking for a sewing machine I didn't want to pay to much but I wanted a machine that was easy and durable. There are many features that I love about this machine. The first is the top loading bobbin. This eliminates so many headache that come with a bobbin case. It is simply and fast. I also love the speed control. This is a great feature for a beginner. It has easy buttons that allow you to back stitch and leave the needle down. The only con is the needle threader, but only because I haven't been able to figure it out.

West Jordan, UT


older singer sewing machines stood for quality


i received this machine over 40 years ago so i guess it would be considered a antique. it is made of heavy metal, no plastic. i have never had a problem with this machine. it does not do what the new versions do with embroidery  and computerized applications. i  still look at my owners manuel when i have a problem and can always resolve it All i have to do is oil it every so often and it runs very smooth and quietly with no problems. i guess i received this at at time when products were built to last a lifetime. when i look at the newer sewing machines on the market, they look fancy but i understand they are nothing but problems from the day you get them. 

Pittsburgh, PA


My Old Singer Basic zigzag sewing machine will never die!


I purchased my old basic zigzag Singer Sewing Machine, and cabinet 43 years ago as a newlywed.   It has sewn quilts, kids clothes, mended, darned, fixed, maternity clothes, dresses, shirts, pants, and many, many other items too numerous to mention. Right now, I just finished making some stuffed animals for grandkids, and starting today, a rag doll, several outfits, and a canvas carrying case.   I have even made my own underwear on this wonderful machine.  I have replaced the motor once, the bulb twice, and the belt about 4 or 5 times.   Minimal cost in repairs & maintenance.  You can't beat this sewing machine

Scarville, IA


Singer, what can you say...a true basic machine.


I like this little machine. It has all the basic tools needed for the begining sewer. I am using it to teach my granddaughter to sew and it works just fine. An oldy but goody, this little machine is easy to oil and runs great for her age. Singer was in my home when I was growing up and will no doubt continue to be a househole appliance.

Rochester, NY


Singer Stylist Mechanical Sewing Machine

4.8 5