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Singer Serger

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A good strong serger


This is my first serger. It was not very easy to learn how to use. After hours and hours of practice, I finally taught myself how to use this machine. I does not typically take me that long to learn ANYTHING, especially when it comes with directions. After learning the machine and the processes that one must take to first thread this machine (holy smokes,) it is very easy to use. It makes excellent stitches and I love using this machine for a good finished look when I make clothes for my kids. Stitch Performance This Singer serger had good strong and tight stitches. I have not had any problems with missed stitches. The stitches are uniform- and all my sewing products have a good finished tough when I use this serger on them. Ease of Use This is really easy to use, after HOURS of reading instructions and trying to figure out how to thread this machine. Once you figure it out, it is a breeze. Fabric Handling This serger handles fabric as expected. I have not thrown anything crazy at my machine yet. It handles the basics (cotton, jersey, knit) quite well. Versatility I feel that I could do a lot with my machine. I have not tried to do too much with it, just basic finishing on clothes. Design I love the way this machine looks. It looks industrial to me. When it is on my sewing table, I feel like a professional seamstress!! Durability This machine is really strong. I probably should have broke it several times when I was trying to learn how to use it, but it still works like a champ.




Love surger machines in general


Surger machines are in general more complicated to learn and operate than regular sewing machines.  But I will say, once you learn - they are amazing and such a time saver!  The fact that they trim the hem as they sew is awesome - I have always hated trimming hems and the fact that the machine does it for you in one step, fabulous time saver especially when you are sewing long seams.   Works fabulous on knits but really on all kinds of fabrics. "Would like an easier way to thread these machines though, they are very complicated and with kids running all over the place when I am trying to sew - it can be an issue.  Also I made a cover to make the machine not such a magnet for little fingers tangling up the thread when I am not using it...really a magnet for little children, they are fascinated by it (actually when I am sewing it is common for them to want to sit on my lap - not really practical if I am trying to get something done.)


Anoka, MN


Great little machine.


I had an Elna serger for years, but it simply quit.  I also have a little 3-thread Singer that I got about 25 years ago.  It's still works great and I love it, but it is a bit tempermental these days and doesn't have a light.  So, I got this Singer serger about a year ago.  I really like it; it has basic features and is relatively easy to thread.  Most sergers are someone of a pain to thread, and this one is about average as threading goes.  I do wish rolled hemming were easier; it's not so much of a simple step as my Elna was. Keeping the thread tension is pretty easy, and the differential feed is nice.  I did have mine serviced as I purchased it used.  I'm glad I did, and I think it's important to do this about once every year or year and a half.  This serger is easy to oil.  The blade cuts cleanly.  The accessory box is fully stocked with the necessities, and the needles for this serger are easy to find and readily available.  It's a great little machine and excellent for seam finishing.


Roanoke Rapids, NC


I love my Singer CG! Fianlly a machine I can use all day long!


The Singer CG sewing machine is oversize, immensely strong, and a total workhorse.  Its oversize throat area, heavy duty motor and large, detachable work table make it a dream for large projects.  I have burned out the motors on more sewing machines than I can count trying to quilt king size quilts.  What a chore wrestling 8 or 9 square foot rolls of fabric through smaller machines; but, no more!  The pluses are all there for Singer CG.  Without all the usual struggles I can actually finish a large project in less time and NO STRESS! The bonuses are also in small details: a large variety of presser feet, including a walking foot for quilting.  Also available is a cutting foot that turns the Singer CG into a serger!  Wow, now I can hem jeans without cutting and pinning and pressing and breaking multiple needles, etc. The size and heft of an all metal machine makes for easy upkeep, too.  Remove the drop-in bobbin, lift off the throat plate and a fine brush is all  that is needed for cleaning.  Can they make it any easier?  Of course, all the things I love about my Singer CG are the very things that make it 'Not Portable'.  (I have a Singer Featherweight for portable). All hail Singer Sewing Machine Company!  Whatever the sewing public wants, Singer provides; and has done so for more years than anyone else.  Don't believe me?  Check out the name of the manufacturer on the treadle machines in antique stores.  Singer, Singer, Singer all the way.


Alvin, TX


Singer Serger

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