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Singer Sandwich Maker Grill Model

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My Sandwich Grill Makes Fantastic Grilled Cheese


You haven't had a grilled cheese sandwich until you've made it on a Singer Sandwich Grill. I am really not sure if this particular grill is even available anymore. If it is you have to have one. I bought mine when my son who is thirty now was about seven or eight years old. A grilled cheese was about the only kind of sandwich he would eat and he loved them even more when they were cooked on this sandwich grill.He was a picky eater and a lot of it was my fault because I let him get by with it. He also did not like the crust on the bread and this sandwich maker also sealed the edges to keep the cheese in and they were sealed just inside of the crust. When the sandwich was done I simply cut the crust off. The grill also has an indention cross ways so that the sandwich was divided into two triangles and the cheese is also sealed in each triangle. The sandwich grill has a light that indicates when the power is on and there is a green light that comes on when the grill is ready for the sandwich. My Singer Sandwich Grill is an awesome appliance. It also grills other sandwiches such as chicken salad and pamintoe cheese. ****

Rocky Mount, NC


Singer Sandwich Maker Grill Model

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