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Singer Quantum Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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Set it and forget it


I am a loyal fan of Singer and come from a generation of Singer seamstresses. My very first sewing machine was a singer, and every one since then has been as well. With two children of my own, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to sewing, and this machine makes it so easy to set a pattern a step away. I have done a ton of embroidery, and I am always pleased with the way it turns out on my Singer Quantum Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine. This machine truly makes it look professional. I have not had any maintenance issues or trouble with needles breaking. This machine is easy to program and figure out. The digital aspect, unlike my previous machines, makes it virtually fool proof. I love that I can both sew and embroider all in one machine without taking up so much space in my house. Stitch Performance With other machines, I could only use a very specific thread, or else it would snap in the middle of stitching a seam. This machine handles so well; all of my stitches are smooth and look professionally finished. Ease of Use Love that it's digital. So easy to use, and the instruction manual is well written for everyone from beginners to pros. Fabric Handling Not a problem to report. Versatility Can sew and embroider in one machine; almost too good to be true! Design Doesn't take up much space, cute style and color scheme. Durability I haven't had any maintenance issues yet.




My all time favorite machine!!


I purchased this machine new 9 years ago. To date I have never had any problems with it. It sews very smoothly. And is fairly easy to operate. It has more stitches than I've ever had in a machine. Which as opened up my ability to be even more creative. The touch screen is very easy to use. And I love the way it threads. There is no second guessing. I also love that it comes with so many attachment feet. They really open up the realms of creativity.  The machine switches from sewing to embroidery very easily. The embroidery speeds are great. I love having the ability to adjust the speeds of it. It provides a high quality stitch, alto I must say it has been my experience that my machine 'prefers' Sulky & Mettler threads. It doesn't seem to like Coat's and Clark as the embroidery process isn't as smooth (a lot of thread breaks). Almost every time I use this machine I call my hubby and thank him again for such an awesome machine. I wouldn't trade it.


Sand Springs, OK


Singer Quantum XL-1000 is an amazing machine


The Singer Quantum XL-1000 is an excellent computerized sewing and embroidery machine.  It not only does fine embroidery, but it  also does many other fancy stitches that regular machines will not do. I have owned this machine for over 10 years and it has never needed any repairs and it is still working as well as the day that I bought it.  I would recommend this machine to anyone that likes to do any type of sewing.    


Perry, FL


Does all of the work but is ready to play when work time is done


I used this machine to sew the bridesmaides dresses for my daughters wedding and it did a very professional job. But one the work was done, we set about the fun of making beautiful and unique wedding decorations, party favors and personalized gifts for the wedding party. It has since moved on to numerous baby quilts and lovely clothing items.


Denton, NC


Singer Quantum Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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