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Singer Promise Very Basic Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Singer Promise Basic Sewing Machine


I purchased this sewing machine because I was looking for something that was going to be economical and durable. I have always had great luck with Singer products and was hoping this would be the case despite the low reviews I had read prior to purchase. I was not disappointed. The sewing machine is light weight but still sturdy enough to sit in one place while you are sewing. It is easy to thread. It is easy to use the bobbin rewind. The light is placed in a good position to give plenty of light to the area you are sewing. The reverse tab is in a good location and easy to reach while sewing. I have used different brands of sewing thread of different strengths with different weight fabrics and have had no difficulty sewing my projects. The electrical cord is long enough and does not get in the way while using the sewing machine. All the different stitch lengths and designs work fine. I found this machine to be a good value.

Hermiston, OR


Pain in the rear! Must buy strong thread


This machine is not equiped to handle Singer brand thread. You must purchase a stronger brand of thread in order for it to sew ANYTHING. I received this as a gift to replace an older machine, and found myself out and about looking for something that would help me get my machine to work. I had to take it to seemstresses to have them look it over. After over an hour with one, we determined that it was most likely the type of thread the machine had to use. There's nothing in the manual about thread suggestions, so this was a pain to figure out. The machine will snap any Singer Brand thread in 10 stitches and jams up like no other machine I've ever seen. Use caution and be sure you know what you're doing if you buy this machine. I definitely don't recommend this machine for beginners, and probably not for every day use. At the most, the machine is used for alterations and for touch ups on certain projects. Other than that, it sits in its box and waits for me to find a better thread to use. I am not satisfied with this machine in the least!



Singer Promise Very Basic Mechanical Sewing Machine

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