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Singer Pro Finish Serger

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Bought It, Used It, Love It!


Works great for anything I have tried to sew with it ... crafts, jean hems, aprons, baby blankets. Need I say more? Stitch Performance I have not encountered any problems with stitching unless the needle has a burr or I have rotten thread. Ease of Use It is a basic machine so there is not much that could go wrong. Thread your needle and bobbin right then go to work. Fabric Handling Since it is a basic machine it will underfeed your material a bit but if you hold the proper tension on fingers as it slides through you will be able to hold most of that back. Versatility There are all sorts of attachments you can buy for it although I only have the ruffler so I can't speak much on that. Design I would say very good but the pedal will walk away from you so I try to remember to put some books behind as to keep it from going far. Durability I have had the machine for about 7 years and I have had no problems with it.


Johnsonville, SC


Disappointed in Singer sewing machine 5050C


This machine has not been used very much, but is already nearly ready for the motor to quit. It has been used to repair only a few clothes, like busted seams, hems, shirt pockets and a few pair of jeans. After using it less then 20 or 30 times in the space of about a year, it doesn't have power to sew and there is a burning smell from the motor. I have refilled the bobbin less than 10 times, so am very dissapointed in the duribility of this sewing machine. Needless to say, it has been sitting unused for a couple of years. Singer seemed to have a good reputation, so I don't think this model has lived up to it's name.


Holts Summit, MO


Not that easy to get used to!


After sewing for many years...pretty much since middle school and being a very confident sewer. I decided that I wanted to invest in a serger. Having had Singer Sewing Machines for most of my life, I decided to go with the Singer Serger. It was quite intimidating when I took it out of the box!! LOL I spent the better part of a week with instruction booklet right in hand and following along side by side to finally figure it out. I was able to use it but found it to be much more of a hassle than just whipping out my sewing machine to get the job done. Maybe it was just a matter of being used to what was comfortable. I find it to be very complicated, and can easily do the job with regular machine. Not to say that its not for everyone...Maybe just not for me. Maybe it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks!! LOL Best of luck to those who decide to purchase Serger machine...I have heard many people that love them!


Pennellville, NY


Good machine


It is great to have a serger around for those projects that need it every once in a while. I am not employed as a sewer, but I do my fair share of crafting and sewing, including local fairs. I've worked on things for weddings, costumes, and many things around the house. However I don't use the serger nearly as much as I thought i would. I love to have it around, but did well without one for many years. I was lucky to have bought this one with a group of friends so that we can pass it around as it is needed. The price for sergers it way too high most of the time. And for as often as it gets used i'm glad I didn't have to bear the whole cost on my own. I would probably use it more if it weren't for the fact that I am able to get by without it so much. It's a hassle to have to use two machines when one will do the work just fine. But the machine itself is very good. I used my mother's old one one time and this one was much easier to use. It is easier to thread with it's color coded diagram as well. A good machine... but unless you plan to use it a lot I wouldn't purchase it.


Burlington, KS


The Singer 5050 Mechanical Sewing Machine


I have several sewing machines, because I sew alot. The Singer 5050 sewing machine has everything you need to do almost any basic sewing. Also has many different dtich patterns. I think it is easy to use and almost anyone can learn to use it. I think it is a wonderful little machine.


Brooten, MN


I couldn't live without my Singer 5050


I am a recent fashion graduate!  While obtaining my degree, I remember spending countless nights on my Singer starting and completing class projects. I've sewn everything with that machine! It has many functions and capabilities! Even now, I use it almost daily as I am starting my own business making handmade items!  This machine is my money maker and life saver!!!!


Norcross, GA


singer sewing machine are great


I have my singer sewing machine for years. If you like me ,not big on sewing , this is perfect for you. Is easy to handle but not top of the line. It's good enough for me to do my little sewing once in a while. No need to spend a fortune.


Ekron, KY


good little workhorse for the money


I purchased the Singer 5050 sewing maching about five years ago.  I have never owned a fancy machine, and to me this one was a step up from the one I had owned before.  I am not a fan of the plastic lever pieces such as the one to raise and lower the foot.  However, it seems that all machines are made that way.  I am always afraid that those pieces will eventually break off, as my previous machine from another company's did. It is quite easy to thread, and the adjustments for tensions are easy to adjust.  I have not had any problem with any materials.  Being very short, I have to hem every pair of jeans that I buy.  I just switch to a more durable needle, and it does not have any issues going through triple layers of denim.  I have made many a costume with sequinned fabric and many soft, silky fabrics as well.  The Singer 5050 was well worth the cost and has lasted far longer than I anticipated a machine of its lower end cost.  This little sewing machine has been a true workhorse in my home.


Aurora, CO


a gteat sewing machine at a reasonable price


I am very happy to be able to write a review on the **Singer 5050 Mechanical Sewing Machine. **My mother recently passed hers down to me and i have to say i am quite impressed with this sewing machine. It has a stylish look and a nice case to carry and protect it. It is very easy to use and has many different stitch patterns to choose from. All controls are clearly marked and easy to use and adjust. It doesnt have automatic threading like some of the newer sewing machines do however, the **Singer 5050 Mechanical Sewing Machine **has a much better price then the machines that have automatic threading and it is fairly easy to thread it manually so this isnt too much of a problem. It works well with pretty much all types and textures of material except for jean material which doesnt seem to work well with any sewing machines except the industrial ones. All in all, it is a great sewing machine that works well and i would definately recommend it to others.


Cheyenne, WY


Singer Pro Finish Serger

4.0 9