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Mechanical Sewing Machines
Singer Prelude Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Just Right


This sewing machine is just right for advanced users as well as beginners.  It is light weight, easy to thread and has a variety of stitches as well as needle positions.  I truly love the storage compartment that slides right onto the front of the machine.  I store an extra threaded bobbin in this compartment to save time during large projects.

Richmond, VA


Singer Prelude is great for beginners


first, i would like to state that the singer prelude 8120 was the first sewing machine I have ever got. I got it as a gift from my grandmother. the singer prelude 8120 is a really good machine for beginner ( I myself being one) its easy to handle, its very inexpensive, and fun to use. but with many of the technolgy we have today, i had a few issues the Prelude can get jammed really easy ( or many it was just on my account) which would fustrate me more than anything when i was sewing plus if would sometimes be difficult for me to pull of my fabric from the machine . but other than that the Singer Prelude 8120 is a well made sewing machine and very beginner friendly. many of the things i use my Singer Prelude 8120 was to sew stuffed animals and make quilts. the Singer Prelude 8120 is very versatile. it has many diffrent patterns and diffrent speeds i havent tryed all of them but the ones i have tryed worked very well. overall the Singer Prelude 8120 is a great sewing machine to buy for a beginner  

North Olmsted, OH


A good price yields a good machine


I had never owned a sewing machine before I purchased the Singer Prelude. I was looking for a beginners machine that was cost effective as I wasn't even sure I like sewing yet and the Prelude proved to be my choice. I have used the machine about 15 times, including making a baby quilt for my niece and the machine has held up quite well. It is easy to use (I knew nothing about sewing before purchase), easy to thread, and easy to spin a bobbin. There are a variety of stitches available for use, most of which I have tried out and they all seem to work effectively. The one down side to the machine is the thread gets stuck a lot under the needle so it makes pulling my project out of the machine difficult at times. Also, I have had the needle get stuck once and I had to take the machine a part in order to get it to work again. Overall though, if you are a beginning sewer like me and you want a cheap, easy to use machine, I recommend it.

Pasadena, CA


Don't Sew Denim with this!!


This was a gift. My mom bought it for me when I finished a sewing class in High School. I was making dresses and stuffed animals and shirts. All was well. I was sewing knit jersey with ease and cotton poly blend and fleece and everything else...until I decided to make my levis 501 denim pants into denim shorts. I cut the legs off and tried to sew the hem but it got jammed. It got so jammed and mangled that I had to take the machine to a repair shop. Problem solved fast foward a few months. Dad buys jeans that are too long, I decided to fix them..machine jams again but this time I get it loose. Some time in between the jam and getting it loose I messed up the tension and have yet to fix it. Too complicated. It was a great machine. Very useful. Unfortunatley not as heavy duty as I'd like, or need. Long story short if your looking to make denim outfits don't do it with this machine. If your making teddy bears however, your looking at clear seas ahead!

Sanger, CA


Great for Newbies


I had this in storage for a while but recently busted it out for usage and it's great! It's simple to troubleshoot and thread. Cleaning it out is a breeze, as is putting everything back where it belongs! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a simple machine to start out with.

Kirkland, WA


Singer Prelude Mechanical Sewing Machine

4.0 5