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Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

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This Singer Sewing machine will get the job done.


I received this sewing machine about 2 years ago. I like it for the most part. This is a great sewing machine for someone who is a beginner and not wanting to do a lot of difficult sewing. The tension on the machine is very difficult to get right. My thread often breaks in the middle of sewing and the bobbin thread gets tangled. I've had it looked at and can't find anything mechanically wrong with it, just not a high preforming machine. This machine has great foot adaptations as well. The bottom comes off for easy fitting when making a sleeve or small seams. The machine gets stuck often as well. When sewing through regular cotton the needle and bobbin will get stuck, almost as if something is grabbing it. You have to work the manual feed knob to help release the needle. I have loss many needles from this. They break off and fly across the room. I love the handle on top though, this makes for easy transporting!

Dayton, OH


Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

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