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Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Excellent sewing machine that has a variety of stitches.


Singer 7444 Mechanical Sewing Machine was a Mother's Day gift from my sons.  I use it to sew a variety of fabrics from cotton to denim to velvet to fleece to make clothes for American Girl and Bitty Baby Dolls.  The machine has a nice selection of stitches to embelish the doll clothes.  So far, the instructions have been fine with the exception of the button hole directions.


Naperville, IL


Best for lighter sewing.


This machine works well and doesn't take a lot of thought to use.   I purchased this machine because it was inexpensive and not fancy.  I use it mostly for simple sewing or quilting.  I wanted to spare my other machines from those stitching projects.  It sews nicely and handles lightweight fabrics very well. A great back-up machine or for the sewer who is just learning.  Comes with most of the basic feet as well which is great.    


Hayfield, MN


Singer 7444 sewing machine is good for a crafter.


I have been sewing and crafting since I was about 5 years old on all types of machines.  This is not a highest state of the art sewing machine.  I have used better, but I could not afford to buy them.  This machine does not sew as fast as my mother's old Kenmore machine;  but, the stitches on the Singer 7444 come out more even since it has automatic tension control.  It does not require changing parts to use the large selection of stitches. I have used some of the embroidery stitches to embellish shirts for gifts and received raving reviews.  As long as I sew at a medium speed and let the footers pull the fabric at the machine's set pace, the stitch patterns work well.  It has a convenient stitch number reference card that slides out of the bottom of the machine.  It is easy to thread and load the bobbin.  It comes with simple instructions.  I would not recommend it for a serious machine quilter or seamstress as it does have a tendency to stall or jam up the thread if you try to sew really fast.  However, it does a great job on quick repairs to clothing and for craft projects.  I love that you can slide out part of the bottom to easily sew hems in pants or shirtsleeves. I have had this machine for about 4 years and have not had any problem.


Canoga Park, CA


Piece of junk


This machine is a pile of junk.  I've gone through two of these from Target.  The first one worked for maybe about an hour at the beginning and then just seized up.  I took it back and just exchanged it for another.  This new one worked for a day and then just seized up as well.  Took this one back and replaced it with a Brother which worked perfectly.  I wasn't even straining the dang things.  I was just trying to sew my Halloween costume which was only cotton cloth.  Beware of this one folks.  I see some good reviews of it, but from my experience this one's a lemon of sewing machines.


Denver, CO


Singer 7444 makes sewing a breeze.


The Singer 7444 is easy to thread.  The bobbin is easy to wind.  The booklet included with the machine is clearly worded, clearly illustrated, and intelligently indexed.  The pedal operates the stitching mechanism with very little pressure exerted.  The tension adjusts without undue effort. The price for the machine is affordable.  This machine is highly recommended for the beginning seamstress or for those who need a machine for lightweight fabrics. 


Fenton, MI


Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

3.8 5