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Singer Inspiration Mechanical Sewing Machine

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The love of my life


I personally own a singer Inspiration 4212. I have had it going on a year now. After learning about the machine and geting to know it, it has become something that I rely on. I am a fashion desing student and though we use a more high powered machine at school as well as in the industry, my singer is my best friend and go to. Some of my most personal and prized projects where done right on my singer. I will be a singer girl for the rest of my days.

Los Angeles, CA


The Singer Inspiration 4212 is easy to use, great to learn on


First of all I would never buy any other brand of sewing machine than a singer.  I've used other brands but they just don't compare.  The Singer Inspiration 4212 Mechanical Sewing Machine is a great, uncomplicated sewing machine.  I wanted something simple to use that I could teach my granddaughters to sew with.   This Singer sewing machine has alot of nice features, but not too many to make it overwhelming.   Of course it is Singer quality too which means that I don't have to worry about my granddaughters breaking it.   It is easy to set up and easy to use.  I use a sewing machine for everything from simple repairs to making halloween costumes and this Singer works well for everything.  I also like the fact that it is not a computerized sewing machine.  At least if something does go wroing with it, it would be less expensive to get fixed since it is more mechanical than computerized.  A good value for the money.

Toledo, OH


Singer Inspiration Mechanical Sewing Machine

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