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Singer Inspiration Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Very good for a first time basic sewing machine


**I had received this sewing machine as a gift for Christmas about a year ago and I was very excited.  I had previously used my mother in laws sewing machine which was also a singer but with a little more detail.  I tried this out for the first time and I really like it.  It is basic but very good if you are just starting out sewing.  I made my first set of valances and they were very easy to make.  It came with a manual that had very good step by step information regarding the setup and how to use it.  It also came with some great tips on sewing.  I would definately recommend this sewing machine so anybody who would like to learn to sew.  They have lots of different stitches that you can try out.  This machine also does go in reverse which is a very nice feature when you need to use that.  I have also made a stuffed elephant for my son when he was born which was very easy and I am also going to plan on making all of the curtains for our house.  Very good product, I highly recommend.**

Oak Harbor, OH


Could be easier to use


Fairly easy to thread & work with - bought it for my 11 year old.  She quickly figured it out, but had difficulty with bobbin placement.  First, standard metal bobbin didn't fit, had to use plastic bobbin included with machine.  Second, it had no illustration on machine about how bobbin sits - had to go into book to verify correct placement & threading.  Also unclear by looking at machine how to place thread for winding the bobbin - again, had to go to book.

Minneapolis, MN


Singer Inspiration 4210 Sewing Machine...meh


I've had my Singer(R) Inspiration 4210 sewing machine for several years now.  On the plus side, it was easy to thread and easy to use even for an inexperienced sewer like myself.  I've also been able to sew some fairly heavy fabrics with it, like burlap and multiple layers of canvas-weight cotton.  But if I could go back in time, I would choose a different sewing machine.  The automatic tension doesn't work consistently, resulting in a few hours of frustration and seam-ripping.  That's my biggest complaint, but I've also had trouble getting the bobbin winder to wind--so much so that I finally bought myself a separate bobbin winder.  I've had trouble locating some replacement parts, the owner's manual isn't always clearly written (especially when it comes to trouble shooting the automatic tension!), and it's noisy and bouncy.  All in all, I recommend spending just a little more and getting a much better machine.  

New London, CT


It is a simple sewing mahcine to use


I received this as a birthday present a few years ago.  I had never used a sewing machine before and I was able to pull this out of the box and use it right away.  I have had a few problems.  First, the bobbin kept popping out of the bottom, which was causing the cover to pop off.  Also when you but new thread on the bobbin it was not even.  I called Singer Customer Service and they had me send it to them and in about three weeks, I had a brand new machine.  since I have received the new machine, there have been no problems at all.  I took a beginner class and the teacher loved my machine she it is one of the easiest machines she has ever used.  She said a great starter sewing machine.  I am learning how to use all the functions.  The instructions are easy to follow and include a DVD of projects that you can do with this machine.  i highly recommend this for anyone who is considering sewing.

Milwaukee, WI


Singer Inspiration Mechanical Sewing Machine

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