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Singer Ingenuity Electronic Sewing Machine

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The Singer Ingenuity is terrible


This is probubly the worst sewing machine I've ever used. The thread pulls really bad on it, as if it weren't hitting the bobbin right. It is ust the worst, I exchanged mine just a few days after I bought it to try a new one and still, same problems.

El Paso, TX


I'll Keep Sewing With Singer! Nice machine with A+ Service


Looking for a reliable machine at a price I could afford, I purchased the store's Singer Ingenuity 7436 display model at a deep discount. Since I had been sewing on a Singer machine from the 70's, I confidently purchased this machine knowing it was not returnable. Upon getting it home, I realized the user's manual and many accessories (additional "feet", "button-holer") were not in the bag. Moreover, when I plugged the machine in, the foot pedal did not work correctly. Let me just say, it's difficult to sew with a foot pedal that functions backwards ("floor" it to start the machine - as you ease up on the pedal, the faster the machine sews)! I was initially disappointed :- ( That's where Singer Customer Service comes in. WOW! They really did everything to make sure I was a happy customer! I called the toll-free line hoping to order (at additional cost) a replacement manual and the missing accessories. The woman I spoke to was polite and extremely helpful. She helped me to determine what was missing and without any further questions, offered to send the manual, accessories and replacement foot pedal FREE OF CHARGE! I've been happily sewing on this machine every since! It's easy to use and thread. The needle threader feature works like a charm. The auto-tension feature is nice and I love the extension table. It's great to have a machine that takes the guesswork out of using the correct stitch width and length. Just slide the corresponding indicator and the machine lets you know the best width and length to use. There are lots (70) of preprogrammed stiches; all of the stitches I've used have come out beautifully. I've sewed several buttons using the "button-holer" without a glitch. Now to the cons. This machine doesn't use a standard bobbin size; additional bobbins have to be purchased online as I haven't found the size at any of my local sewing/craft stores. The light works well, but I wish it would brighten a larger area.. It seems to be concentrated directly over/under the sewing machine needle without giving light to any of the surrounding area. I find myself needing to have the overhead room light on while sewing, even during the day. All-in-all, this is a great machine for beginners and experienced sewers! I am very pleased and will continue to sew with Singer!

Aurora, IL


OK sewing machine for beginners


I purchased this sewing machine in 2006. I am a sewing beginner so the machine works just fine for the projects that I have completed. The machine in comparison to other basic models has a greater stitch variety, and more automated features such as the one step button hole and automatic stitch length and width selection. The machine came with a bonus pack of quilting and embroidery feet and accessories, which was a plus. It also came with an extension arm for larger projects. One of the drawbacks of the machine was that there is no separate tension adjuster for the bobbin and the top threads. There is no way to adjust the needle postion (left or right) if working on special projects. Also, my needle slips out of place, but that could be my mistake (not tighting the screw enough or the tension needs to be adjusted). This machine is OK for a beginning sewer, but if you are much more advance you might look for a more detailed machine.

Baton Rouge, LA


The Singer Ingenuity-7436 should have been recalled!


I have sewn for over 40 years and this machine is the worse I have ever used.  It is not user friendly.  Lighting is poor, it produces a glare.  The threading doesn't even make sense.  If thread is stuck anywhere you have to open the whole front of the machine with a screwdriver to get the thread out.  The bobbin is very difficult to slip into the base.  I had to get the automatic threader removed from my machine by a welder, he had to cut the metal to remove it because it was in the way.  You can NOT thread the machine manually because your fingers can't grasp the thread because the threader mechanism is in the way, and forget about using the threader, it's not worth the trouble.  It has lots of functions, none easy to utilize.  Even the CD that came with the machine was for old PC systems. Of all the housewares, appliance's, anything mechanical, this is the worse item I have ever bought in my life!  Don't buy it, you'll be sorry!

Sweet Valley, PA


I Love my Singer Ingenuity!


I sell things that I sew on eBay, so I sew daily...I had a Brother that I thought was ok until I got this machine.  Compared to the Brother it sews like a dream!  The Auto feature makes it so easy to go from one project to the next and I NEVER slow down to have figure out what the tension should be. It is just wonderful!   

Terre Haute, IN


The Singer Ingenuity 7436 is okay for beginners.


I wish I'd taken more time and done more research before purchasing this machine.  Here are the features I like about the machine: 1. Machine threading 2.  Needle threading 3.  Bobbin rewinding    Here is a list of reasons I would not purchase it again. 1. The light is very dim.  One must set-up additional light near the machine.  2.  The reverse button is slow to respond causing one to mis-judge where stitches will reinforce 3.  The darning stitch can be used only in forward, not in reverse.  One must keep moving to a beginning place and start again.  Darning takes a lot longer. 4. The book does not give information about additional accessories such as what type of bobbins to purchase.  Also a search on this website turns up nothing. If you are a beginner and do not intend to progress beyond the beginning stage, then you might be very happy with this machine.  However, if you intend for your sewing to improve then you would be better off investing in a better machine.

Monrovia, IN


Singer Ingenuity Electronic Sewing Machine

2.8 6