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Singer Electronic Sewing Machine

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Really good.


All in all I gave this a sewing machine a really high rating because it works really well the stitches are nice and for me it rarely jams or gets stuck. I think if you sew a lot than you'll really like this machine. Stitch Performance The stitches went in really tight but not so much that it would hurt or tare the fabric. They all went in nice and neat. They also held up really nicely after sending it in the washer machine. Ease of Use Although I'm really familiar with sewing machines I'd say this one is really simple to operate. I let my little sister use it a couple of times to mend up her old clothes and she did pretty well after she read the directions and watched me a couple of times. Fabric Handling I really fell in love with the handling. I'd switch from denim to silk with ease and managing the tension wasn't even a problem. Versatility It was pretty easy to switch in-between stitches as I worked. Even while using elastic it held u pretty well. Design The design is a little bleak but overall user friendly. It's big buttons are great for people with seeing problems.



I love my Singer sewing machine


My Singer 7468 sewing machine was actually a gift from my mom. She had gotten it a few years back and had never used it, so she gave it to me. I had been wanting to learn to sew and this was a great sewing machine for me! The basic instructions are easy to follow so I was able to start practicing right away with ease. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many stitching patterns to choose from. I believe there is about a hundred different patterns. The digital screen was wonderful because all I had to do was to push a button or two to figure out which stitch I wanted to use. Since getting the machine, I've sewn skirts, dresses, and baby blankets. It's been reliable and easy to use on everything! I would highly recommend this Singer sewing machine for someone who had simple projects to do or was just starting out sewing as well as those who have been sewing for years! Durability I have used this machine for big and small sewing jobs, and it has lasted with NO problems for years! I love it!

Bellevue, NE


Made 4 blouses the first week


I was looking for a new hobby. I thought to my self about when I was in junior High and sewed a skirt. I was so proud. I bought the book "Sewing for Dummies" and the Singer 7468. After reading the book cover to cover over a weekend, I went to the fabric store and bought a few blouse patterns and fabric. I was amazed at how User friendly the Singer 7468 was. I could sew straight, backwards, zigzag etc. easily. I could baste stitch everything first before doing the final stitch. It was so easy. I made 4 blouses the first week! I would reccommend this machine to anyone who is a beginner and needs a user friendly model. I was able to follow the simoplified guide and did not need to ask anyone for help or direction. This is a great sewing machine. Also, I bought a few dresses on sale for next to nothing ( they were drastically reduced, and I sewed new hems in them that look professional. (saved the tailor money) I reccommend the Singer 7468 . I love mine!

Plano, TX


Singer Electronic Sewing Machine

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