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When you SIMPLY need INK, this is the site.


WIth a home filled with 6 active teens doing everything from printing random things off the internet to the more serious paper writing that is required for college entrance exams and then college, our home goes through the ink. With that in mind, I have spent years ordering expensive cartridges that go empty so darn quickly as if my money is going through the printer until I found this website. SimplyInk is really quite incredible. They sell refurbished and refilled cartridges for so much less that I actually get a free cartridge with my savings as compared to where I ordered before! As expensive as cartridges are...that's GREAT for me and my budget. When I order, my shipment arrives quickly without any issues. It usually takes about 5 days and I have the ink I need but I stock up which helps me order fewer times. I have never had to call customer service so I don't have any insite on their practices but the shipping department is on top of it. The only drawback that comes with their cartridges is that the printer doesn't recognize that they are full and always show the levels to be low. SimplyInk informed me of this before I inserted them in the printer so I was fully aware of it and have learned to ignore that warning. When they are empty I then replace them. Great company. Sandy

Whitewright, TX


Simply Ink doesn't follow through


I ordered toner for my work printer in June.  Since my business doesn't have a credit card I sent a check.  The check cleared last Tuesday and I have NO toner.  No e-mail about shipping, nothing....... I called the company today and they are closed.  What????? Why???? I'm not sure what the deal is.  But if I don't get the toner, it looks like my paycheck will be shorted $176.00 for trusting an on line company.  

Pinckneyville, IL


Save money on printer ink!


**I have to tell everyone about this particular website that I found. **I honestly *love *it. I even waited for my computer savvy hubby to get home before I did it because I needed his approval first. (he hates me buying online- I do it too much, and sometimes make poor choices) Here it is: I found a place to purchase ink for my printer online- and no joke it was SUPER cheap. (free shipping also) Usually we purchase a ink fill kit (not fun and around 15.99 for black- can't recall color price), or we buy the black and color HP package together from Staples or office max for over $50.00! That is a lot of money for 2 items. So, here is the deal. I bought 6 inks (three color and three black) and a 20 pack of photo paper for a grand total of 55.79! No strings attached. In addition, I use this particular company's website that gave me 8 dollars for shopping there (like a rebate). Without this company I would have never found the ink place to begin with. Free shipping is only on orders over 55.00 (if you don't purchase that much I do not know how much shipping is). But keep in mind, it IS only 2-5 days shipping and I know I spend 50.00 on only 2 inks at staples anyway. My receipt looked like this: **Items Ordered**          HP 95 Tri Color Inkjet Cartridge  (QTY) 3 (PRICE) $11.00 each (ext. price) $33.00 HP 98 Black Inkjet cartridge (QTY) 3 (PRICE) $9.00 each (ext. price) $27.00 LD Premium Glossy Photo 4X6 20 pack-resin coated (QTY) 1 (PRICE) $1.99 (ext. price) $1.99 **Sub-total: $61.99** **Discount: -$6.20** **Shipping & Handling: $0.00** **Grand Total: $55.76** The above discount is a 10% off thing the website is having, and that promotion expires 3/31/10- it says so on the website. Fast shipping. Totally worth it. According to website, Company has easy return policy and is 100% guarantee. If you want this deal here is the information (I am giving you the referral link to go through the website that will credit your account 8 additional dollars). ON TOP of giving you 8 dollars they have other cash back shopping, getting paid to read e-mails. ETC> it is completely free AND when you sign up they credit your account 5 dollars (sign up fee). It is a totally legit website and I love seeing my bank account paid for me doing nothing exta in my life. Okay on to the great ink (sorry to ramble, just excited to share something I enjoy). First: go [url=http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref6607349] and sign up (valid information needed to get paid by the company).   Now, after you join inbox dollars, on their homepage you will see "cash offers" on the left side, click it. Search for Simplyink, you will see that they will pay you 8 dollars to buy from the company. Click that and it will send you over to Simplyink. If you are purchasing ink the same day realize that by going through INBOX DOLLARS you just saved $13.00!! That is awesome. I understand if some of you do not like inbox dollars or the idea of it, so if you want to go straight to Simplyink, you can but you will only get there awesome deals and not get credited through INBOX for buying from them.  

Santa Maria, CA



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