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Simply Right
Simply Right Baby Diapers

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Members Mark is of great value!


I love these diapers and am now on my 4th kid in using these diapers. I love them because they are cheap and they get the job done. I've only had two problems with them within the six years of using them. First of all was when on of my son's was in infant, he leaked right through these diapers. Even when trying to position him different in them. This lasted only till about 5 months. Then I switched him back to the Members Mark. My second complaint is that there have been a handful of instances where the tabs have torn off or were already off. Quite frustrating! However, aside from these complaints, I love these diapers and that's why I continue buying them. Even when I have good coupons for some of the name brand diapers, the price still is not lower than Member's Mark brand. And in my opinion, the quality is not better. I have gotten cheap brands of diapers that are very stiff, but that's why I like the Member's Mark. They actually seem just as comfortable as name brands.


Wichita, KS


Member's Mark Baby Diapers - pretty good for the price


It's about 16 cents per diapers, a lot cheaper than other famous brand if you don't have the famous brands' coupons. My daughter is a little more than 2 years old now, she is using size 4 diapers. I tried several stores brand and famous brands' diapers. This one is pretty good for the price and quality. I bought this brand most of the time, they have all kinds of sizes. Also in huge package, so you don't have to buy several boxes. Great value.  I saw people complain about leak, I think the main reason that happened, because they didn't change their kids' diapers often enough. I didn't experience this kind of problems so far. One thing is different than that brand, there are not a lot of cartoon pictures that you could choose from. I don't know if it is a bad thing or good thing. It is just different, I guess. They developed their diapers design early this year, it is more stretch than before, it is better than before.


Heyworth, IL


Member's Mark Baby Diapers work as well if not better than brand


Member's Mark Baby Diapers work as well if not better than brand named diapers! It's true... we've used Member's Mark diapers for my son who is now 12 and our granddaughter who we are raising and they hold up better than Huggies or Pampers. We've had to buy Pampers when we were in a pinch and they just don't do as well with the baby's poops. Huggies seem to do a little better job and we'll buy them when they are on sale, but we are always toting home a big box of Member's Mark diapers when we make it out to our local SAM's. We have had many nights when our granddaughter has urinated through any diaper and I do not discredit Member's Mark diapers for this... there are always accidents, but Member's Mark are there to do the job great. We like the large elastic like tabs on the Member's Mark diapers because they hold up much better than Pampers in our opinions. Heh, even the baby likes the characters that are on the diapers... though, she does go a little wild for the Sesame Street and Disney characters!


Muskegon, MI


Used to be good, but recently has changed for the worse!


I have been using Member's Mark diapers for several months and have been very happy, but the last box I bought in July 2011 was VERY different. The diapers didn't have a design printed on the outside, as indicated on the front of the box, and the diapers felt thinner. Sure enough, this box isn't as absorbent and the filler bunches up and separates. My daughter wakes up every morning with wet pajamas. I may not invest in another box if the quality has declined.


Texarkana, TX




I'm not sure if I ended up getting a bad batch of these diapers, everything is fine about how they fit and hold, BUT over half of my diaper pack was off! The diapers were all disconnected on the one side where the tabs are. This should have been checked by the manufacurer before sale! This is ridiculous, I still tried to use them, but they didnt even barely fit around my babies hip. One of my coworkers had the same problem with the size she got which was a 2! NOT GOOD!!!


Grand Forks, ND


best value!!


I prefer these diapers over pampers swaddlers and huggies!! They are a great value, high quality, and low price!! They work wonderfully on my 4 month old boy, we have had no leaks with these, they stay shut too.. wth the huggies and swaddlers we had leaks daily and they tended to fall off easily when he was wiggly!! added bonus available in bulk!!


Zachary, LA


Used to love these diapers! Not anymore.


I have used these diapers for my daughter for a year now. I have always been a supporter of these diapers. Mothers would ask me in the check out line if they were good diapers. Yes definately...they were anyway. I am very dissappointed in the last box that I purchased. They have totally change the product. Feels different, chaffs my baby's thighs, leaks. I will not purchase these again as long as they remain of this poor quality.


Garden City, KS


These diapers are just as good as name brand


I have been using member's mark diapers on my daughter for quite some time now. My daughter wears a size 3 so we get 200 in a box. This is more diapers than any other brand I have found, they are less expensive, and they hold up pretty good. These diapers seldom ever leak, they even do great over night. They also fit my daughter's shape great.


Kennedy, NY


Great Diaper!


My daughter is 15 months old and we have been buying Huggies since the day she was born. She was briefly in Pampers during the first 2 weeks due to their blankie soft feel, but after all the blowouts we had I switched to Huggies Snug and Dry after her umbilical cord fell off. Dont get me wrong, I love Huggies brand, but they are expensive. I decided to try the Members Mark diapers after reading the reviews on this site, and I am so happy I did. Not only are they cheaper than Huggies, but they seem to work so much better! They fit my daughter like a glove, and they move with her unlike the Huggies Snug and Dry brand. I am so happy that I bought these diapers, and needless to say I will never be buying Huggies again!


Hinesville, GA


GREAT diapers! Great Savings!!!!


I love these diapers! My sister recommended them to me. She bought them for my nephew after she was a little apprehensive about getting them. The store told her if she did not like them, she could return them for her full money. They were great! So then I tried them - I am officially HOOKED! They are equivalent to Huggies in the asorbency and quality but definatley not in the price! I love that we were able to save some cash on these! I have been a firm user of huggies for a few years now. My daughter is 5 and used them from the age of birth until almost 3 years of age. My 4 yr old used them also and so did my soon to be 3 yr old. I switched from Huggies to Pampers for my 18 month old due to rash issues. Something about huggies he could not handle. He could not use the Seventh Generation Diapers, the Organic Huggies, or any other type of diaper - whether regular, supreme or organic. Pampers was the ONLY one he could use! Low and behold, we try these diapers and WOW! No rashes, and they fit wonderfully! The only negative - they do not make a size 2! These diapers run a tad big so we were hoping to get a case of 3's for my son (for nap and bedtime - my soon to be 3 yr old) and a case of 2's for my 18 month old since he can easily wear a 2 in Pampers. In the end I have a case of the 3's for my older son, and I use these on the baby at bedtime at night as they are more asorbent and I use the Pampers 2's during the day and nap time for him.  I HIGHLY recommend these if you have had issues with pampers leaking! My 2 yr old would wake up wet almost every morning - his bed, his clothes and his blanket! The pampers leaked frequently! With these, he rarely leaks! Also I recommend these because I have had issues in the past with Pampers being exposed to moisture somewhere in the process of making them and them at the store - and these have never had any issue with any beading or irregular texture to them! GREAT diapers! 


Warren, MI


Simply Right Baby Diapers

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