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Simply Lemonade with Raspberry

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Tasty treat


Although this is not my favorite juice that this company makes, it is still very delicious. I enjoy Simply Lemonade with Raspberry because it is a flavor balance. Whereas lemonade is tangy, the raspberry gives a tiny hint of sweet. You get the sweet and sour sensation without being overwhelmed by either too much sweet or too much sour. I also like the fact that this company has fair and reasonable prices and coupons are easy to get. I am honestly unsure about what type of nutrition this juice actually offers or the calorie count. I drink this juice solely based on flavor, price and availability. I would recommend this juice to family and friends. It tastes best when you pour it over ice. I also freeze it to make popcicles. They too are amazing. My children enjoy them very much as well and, I don't feel guilty about giving it to them.



Simply Wonderful Lemonade!


Both the Lemonade and Lemonade with Raspberry have the right amount of sweet/tart mix that makes the heat of summer bearable. I mix 2 parts Simply Lemonade with 1 part Simply Lemonade with Raspberry for a personal favorite combination.

Arnold, MD


How did I ever live without it????


So I was in the grocery store and was jonesin for something new to try and I saw this pink juice and thought...why not?? I became instantly addicted!!! I mean I bought almost all that were on the shelf. I am pretty picky about my juices and this one is Simply one of the best out there!! If you are looking for a real nice treat put it in the freezer for about 45 mins and give it a good shake and it becomes like a icy lemonade treat...delicious! Everybody who comes to my house is offered some Simply Lemonade with Raspberry, I almost feel like a spokeperson!

Arlington, TX


Uh-May-Zing, love this lemonade!


Even though this drink is just a bit on the pricey side, along with the rest of the 'Simply' juice products; it's well worth it. I love ,* love*, loved this juice. The flavor is basically unbeatable, especially when it comes to Raspberry/Flavored lemonades. The first time I originally got it, I had a friend over and shared it with her.. to put it simply, within' under an hour the whole thing was consumed. It does leave you wanting more, surely not a thirst quencher; but, the flavor of it and everything is else enough for me to overcome that.  Anytime we can afford it, I make sure we buy this juice from the store during grocery shopping; I love Juice, though I don't have it often anymore, and this is definitely one I get everytime I'm craving some! I recommend it to anyone who loves juice, raspberries, and lemonade. You will not be disappointed, I know I surely wasn't. So, five stars from me. :]

Lafayette, CO


The Best Raspberry Lemonade


Simply Simply Lemonade with Raspberry is the best store-bought-raspberry lemonade around.  I love ordering Raspberry Lemonade in my favorite restaurants.  The taste is up there with the best.  Wonderful flavor! 

Kansas City, MO


Simply Lemonade with Raspberry

5.0 5