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Simply Basic
Simply Basic Country Pear Body Mist

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Love this country pear scent by simply basic, very pleasant.


Simply Basic Country Pear Body Mist is a very pleasant scent and aroma that just engulfs your scenses and is extremely pleasant fragrance. It reminds me of being back on the farm and sitting outside and picking a pear off of the pear tree, it just smells that freshly picked. It smells deliciously scrumptious. This product is not tested on animals and contains no animal derived ingredients. For adult use only. Flammable until dry, do not use near fire, flame or heat. It contains a bunch of stuff i can't pronounce or sound out, but it sure smells good. It comes in a clear bottle with a clear label that has a picture of some pears on the front, three whole one's (two of which are yellow and one of green) and then also has a half pear in front of the green one. Simple basic black minimal writing on label. Has a green label on back listing the ingredients i mentioned above that you can't pronounce and the clear bottle has a black spray cap on it, the little two point eight ounce size bottle is very convenient for carrying in your purse. Don't know about the ingredients but i do know that it smells scrumptious.

Monticello, KY


Simply Basic Country Pear Body Mist

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