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Simplicity Synergy X9 Vacuum

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if you're looking at Dyson look at a Simplicity


I love my simplicity synergy vacuum. I've owned it 4 years now and the only the that's been replaced is bags and one set of HEPA filters. I have a cat and dog. This works great at both picking up the hairs and keeping the air clean. I have friends with allergies that come over and are not bothered by my pets. I vacuum weekly. It's got it's bumps and bruises and works perfectly. On board attachments are great. At first I thought the lights were gimmicky but turns out they really do help. I was really see on the Dyson animal but after being told to look at simplicity in glad I did. I went to a vacuum shop and actually tested both. The Dyson is over hyped plastic. It couldn't pick up half of what this does. Not to mention the flimsy feeling you get when setting it to the ground. The simplicity is quality with a metal roller and horse hair bristles compared to all plastic. Maneuverability It doesn't turn on a dime but moves how a normal vacuum due. Plus the power behind it pulls it forward. Ease of Maintenance Bags are easily replace. But you need to have the understanding that bags are better for allergies which can be a complaint for some. Suction Performance Cleans up pet hair with ease and no issues on my roller. Versatility On board attachments are right there for your everyday need Design Looks nice, color is sharp and headlights were better and more useful than expected. Durability 4 years running and only replaced the HEPA filters once. Rubber edges help for when hitting tables and making sure they are left unmarked. A few scuffs from forcing it under things things but other than that runs like the first day I had it.



Simplicity Synergy X9 Vacuum

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