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Simplicity American Quilter

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ehh, it's ok for simple tasks


My mom loves to sew and she is always mending something for someone in the family.  Since she used to be using needles and thread with her bare hands, i decided to make her life easier and get her a sewing machine.  i read some review and found this one on sale and decided to buy it for my mom for CHhristmas.  WHen the package came, my mom was really happy and couldnt wait to use it immediately.  She started off with simple tasks and felt it was ok.  The instructions were a little difficult to understand.  The biggest problem was that the thread keeps breaking all the time and she will have to thread that needle very often.  Sometimes she spends like every 2 minutes threading the needle because it breaks so often.  Overall, she said it's better than nothing and when using simple cloths, it works ok, when it will be a nightmare trying to use it on jeans or any other sort of heavy materials.

New York, NY


Simplicity American Quilter

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