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Simplicity 6 Series Vacuum

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This Vacuum Won't Die


I'm currently 17 years old and my family has had this vacuum since I was a little kid! still working great and I'm sure I'll still be using this thing for a while.

Clarkston, MI


Terrible vacuum!


Have had this vacuum for years now, and every time I use it, am frustrated. The side tube comes out so easily. You finish vacuuming a room, and find that it came out of the socket sometime while you were vacuuming without noticing it! Then you have to vacuum the room all over again! I try to put into the socket as firmly as possible, but still it comes out. Absolutely hate this vacuum. So poorly designed.



Great suctio, lightweight, metal parts where it matters.


Simplicity upright series 6000. Expensive but great vacuum. With dogs, the bag less ones were nasty and unhealthy. This vacuum has more metal parts ans works great if you have to vacuum a lot. Heap cloth bags or paperbag options. Wish bags were bigger however. Like the red color too. Maneuverability Lightweight Ease of Maintenance So far so good Versatility It's an upright Design I like tihe rounded handle on the front that makes it easy to pick up Durability So far so good



Love our Simplicity Vacuum!


My husband came home with this vacuum and I was sure it would be just like any other vacuum we had previously used. Boy I was wrong! We have five people and a dog in our home and this vacuum keeps up with all of us. It is also fairly lightweight and easy to manuever. I sometime have a little trouble vacuuming around edges and furniture. The attachments are great though. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to handle any situation. The bags are easy to replace and not messy at all. This is a very user friendly vacuum. I would highly recommend the Simplicity vacuum to everyone. These vacuums are also made in the USA which is a huge selling point for our family! We love our Simplicity vacuum!

Springfield, MO


Simplicity Vacuums are our best seller!


 We have sold thousands of vacuums over the years at Tidewater Sew-Vac and the most durable for the money has been the Simplicity. The new models now have metal pivot points, brush rolls,linkages,bottom plates and the whole machine is made of thick,durable ABS resins. We sell these for as low as 179.95 and most models have a 3 to 6 year warranty. They perform better and have less warranty issues too, that is important since we stand behind the machine and don't need a lot of warranty problems.  Many of the models are made in the USA so parts are more available and less expensive, and when you invest in one,you are investing in America!. Our 12 stores are based in Virginia Beach and surrounding cities,come in for a demo today!

Virginia Beach, VA


Simplicity 6 Series Vacuum

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