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Simmons  Natural Care Latex Candace Mattress

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Inconsistent firmness; company not standing by product


After trying many beds, we had high hopes for this mattress.  We still think the mattress we tried in the store could have worked out great for us.  However, when our mattress arrived, we noticed within a few nights that one side side was softer than the other, and softer than the mattress in the store.  This brand new mattress actually has a measurable depression without any weight on it.  However, since the depression is not greater than 1.5 inches without weight, we were told by both Mattress Discounters and Simmons that it is not considered defective!  We are sure that we have a defective mattress, but are now forced to use our 60 day comfort guarantee to trade it in for a different brand, as we don't feel we can take a chance on this brand again.


Santa Clara, CA


Simmons Natural Care Latex Candace Mattress

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